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Added documentation

Added documentation

Added documentation

Display roles in header->user popup

Update serialization chapter

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Added documentation

Added documentation

Cleanup usage of depcrecated API

remove JDK 6 dependency in Broke the bus initialization on JDK 5

Add tool icons to tabs

Added documentation

fix to date serialization, API improvements and performance improvements.

Added documentation

Added documentation

Load tool icons through default bundle assignment

Push deferred authorization down to SecurityService impl. Fix default tool initialization

remove debug code

Launch either preference based or default tool on startup

Use LayoutCommands and Parts to communicate tool requests

repond to AuthenticationService.EndSession request, even when no authentication is configured

Added documentation

Allow deferred notification of Workspace.Initialize, the BPM console uses it. Override in Bus.addInitiTask(...)

Create empty AuthenticationContext if credentials are missing. Prevents NPE

Cleanup authorization message exchange

constrain SecurityService communication to 'LoginClient'

Cleanup abstraction hirarchies. Added intermediary workspace builder and configuration

rename package svc to modules

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Cleanup authentication services. Rename Service interface to Module, in order to avoid confusion with server side services

Added documentation

Added documentation