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Slightly improved the Release Process steps (#341)

* Slightly updated the release proccess steps docs

* Fix code snippets

Add the ability to simply interrupt navigation without enforcing a redirect.

This is a valid for case for onHiding, when we want to cancel the hiding of a page.

Revert "[ERRAI-1106] Update from 1.0.0-beta-1 to 1.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit e1fc40b97e4f65908ab5a23c752d972b44b5172a.

[ERRAI-1106] Update from 1.0.0-beta-1 to 1.0.0-RC1

ERRAI-1104: Ability to intercept any remote call from the ClientMessageBus

Fixes issue #2

Updating to development version 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.2.0.Final

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ERRAI-1102: Resolve abstract classes being picked up by the data bind generator with wildcard.

Minor doc clean up.

ERRAI-1098: Implement PayloadPreprocessor for server side payload processing.

ERRAI-1099: Ability to update the pages state without invoking a full navigation.

This is something that we find very useful when it comes to retaining our pages workflow in the URL. With this we just call updateState with a new set of state data (or a modified version) and we retain the pages initial state.

This introduces the @PageUpdate lifecycle hook that will be invoked when Navigation.updateState is called.

Remove root template element from parent element when initializing.

Fix a bindable proxy regression.

Create SPI for configuring WF instance launched by the EmbeddedWildFlyLauncher.

Updated to new development version 4.1.4-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.1.3.Final

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Upgrade to new development version 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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ERRAI-1095: Prevent callbacks from invoking with Caller<T> when user bean is destroyed

Skipping non accessor methods if method signature equals the methods generated by BindableProxyGenerator (#326)

* Skipping non accessor methods if method signature equals the methods

generated by BindableProxyGenerator

* Changing the comment

* Adding a copyright message

Removed Apache Stombol dependencies (#322)

Gracefully ignore non-public properties in bindable proxies.

Ignore bindable interfaces.

Removed dom4j dependency from core Errai (#319)

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ERRAI-1075: Changes necessary to run uberfire-showcase (#321)

* Create mechanism to include/exclude packages/types from an @ErraiModule

* Allow exported elements to have a different annotation than that which exported it

* Fixes in module exporting rules

* Temporary fix in attempt to run Uberfire Showcase

* First time uberfire-showcase worked

* Improved code a little bit

* Improved code a bit

* Minor changes

* Fix public elements verification for primitive types

* Removed errai-generators-apt. Code generation now runs in the last round of exporters.

* Refactors and fixes

* Fix build

* Refactors and deleted handwritten export files for exporting strategies

* Create toggle for generating code with apt generators

* Fix tests and improve code a bit

* Add log message

* Fix erraiModules and erraiApps discovery

* ExportFile with inner classes wip

* Finish shrinking export files to one per exporter

* Fix server marshalling apt generation

* Allow server code to use generated ServerMarshallerFactoryImpl to check if a type is serializable

* Fix exporting primitive types

* Revert property configuration in errai-security-demo

* Create ErraiApp targets and configure errai-bus to run tests using SERVER target too.

* Configured errai server apps in tests

* Fix ResourceFilesFinder issue for ClassLoaderResources

* Fix GWTMetaClassTest failing test

* Fix errai-cdi-server test exclusions

* Remove Guava dependency from errai-common-apt

* Add file

* Fix typo on test class name in the file

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Update errai-ioc-extension-tests version

Add distribution to errai-wildfly-dist POM.

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Update errai-wildfly-dist to WildFly 11.

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Remove a-la-carte distribution zip.

ERRAI-1086: Fix use of @ClassNames and @Properties in Elemental2 elements (#318)

* Fix @Properties and @ClassNames for elemental2 Elements

* Make injetable configuration always use Elemental2 API

* Improved code of ElementProviderExtension