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refactoring of class / package layout.

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improvements to the bus.

improvements to the bus.

fix the way overloaded queues are handled

Fix workspace history handling on default tool selection and in between switching tabs directly

Fix default tool icon in tab bars

More work on Errai-38

configure javadoc plugin to consume api and framework sub packages only

Package split: api and framework

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Move API from common to workspaces

Added pagebus 2.0 script

fix missing styles

added bg image

css updates

Fix compile error

optimize imports

optimize imports

optimize imports

optimize imports

optimize imports

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Added documentation

Added documentation

fixes to error handling in the bus

Added documentation

Added documentation

do not apply filters if no toolset profile is present.

do not attempt to read toolset profile if it does not exist.

Added documentation

Backwards compatibility: Allow toolset profile declaration in properties file