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Merge branch 'master' into errai-codegen-apt

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[ERRAI-1084] upgrade mockito, gwtmockito and powermock to versions compatible with JDK9

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Improve the ErraiServiceSingleton proxy management & allow persistent initCallbacks.

Now when ErraiServiceImpl#stopService() is called the ErraiServiceSingleton will reset.

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Add missing license headers and update copyright notice in existing headers.

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Revert "Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header."

Changes from the reverted commit did not preserve original copyright dates.

This reverts commit d8e735dfe2f6ed25fe9e06b753ae2f6154d76b02.

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Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header.

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ERRAI-866: Ignore empty websocket messages (to workaround bug in Chrome).

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Migrate from commons-lang2 to commons-lang3

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WebSocket filter improvement: - one (new) method executed before message processing, and one after - additional methods parameter: shared property map for user use - better documentation of the filter

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Merge branch 'ERRAI-736' of



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