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Create APT generators for errai-ioc module

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Add Errai APT Generators mechanism

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AF-546: Reduce startup time of AppFormer apps and workbenches

This commit:

* Adds logging to audit startup to entrypoints, RPCs, bean manager

* Load RPC proxies before the bus initializes so that startup RPC calls

can be queued up and sent in a single payload

* Don't wait for bus to initialize to send CDI client assoicate message

(allows this to also be sent with initial bus payload)

* Don't delay InitVotes in SecurityContextImpl if a user has been injected

onto the host page

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ERRAI-978: Generated client code doesn't compile for observer methods of primitive types.

Observer methods of primitive types are registered as observes of the boxed types,

since only boxed types can be fired as events.

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ERRAI-974: Call observers for indirect interface supertypes of event.

Instead of generating addLookups for all indirect supertypes,

do this for only direct supertypes/interfaces and recurse

to get indirect supertypes.

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ERRAI-961: Migrate IOCUtil functionality from kie-wb-common into errai-ioc as enhanced version of Instance<T>

Created a ManagedInstance<T> type with an API like Instance<T> except

with different memory management semantics. A ManagedInstance<T> holds

references to all dependent beans it creates and will destroy them

when it itself is destroyed.

This feature required adding capability to for disposing beans

to IOCProviders.

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Add wiring type for pseudo-scopes, validate lack of pseudo-scope cycles (with tests).

This commit changes @EntryPoint and @Singleton to pseudo-scopes, meaning

they are not proxied and cannot be in a cycle that does not contain a

normal-scoped bean.

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ERRAI-937: Looking up unqualified beans with Instance<T> fails.

Also fix implementations that did not

retain qualifiers of original Instance.

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Move CDIAnnotationUtils from errai-ioc (reasoning below).

CDIAnnotationUtils is used by errai-cdi-server in dev mode to

generate the EventQualifierSerializerImpl.class. This means

that SDM can break when errai-ioc is set to provided scoped.

To avoid having to specify a separate profile for SDM, CDIAnnotationUtils

has been moved to errai-codegen. The same problem now exists for errai-codegen

where if it is set to provided scope it may break SDM, however, leaving

errai-codgen as compile scoped and deploying it to the server in production

has less potential for bad side-effects than deploying the errai-ioc jar.

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Improve logging for generation of MarshallerFactory and EventQualifierSerializerImpl classes.

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Add property for setting class file output directory for marshallers and event qualifier serializers.

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Add missing cdi-client for cdi-server tests

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Fix errai-cdi refactoring: move shared generator to errai-cdi-shared.

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Refactor errai-cdi so that errai-cdi-client dependency is not required for server-side code.

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ERRAI-682+: Fix EventQualifierSerializerImpl class-loading issue (description below).

Fix two separate issues with the loading and generation of the


* At runtime, only try to load class files with the "file" protocol

(in particular, don't load impls from jars on the classpath -- this

caused the ClassChangeUtil.loadClassDefinition to throw an exception

because it is only meant to load files from within the current project).

* Only generate impls into class output folders when running a

production compile.

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Fix compilation warning in WindowEventObservers (see below)

- Change return type of get() from list to array since we need to be able

to use it from JavaScript (from another runtime module) and list is not a

"shared" type

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Remove old JsType annotations (use only jsinterop.annotation.*)

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Instance<T> should return the iterator for T implementations

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ERRAI-682: Qualifiers with members on events

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Add missing license headers and update copyright notice in existing headers.

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Revert "Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header."

Changes from the reverted commit did not preserve original copyright dates.

This reverts commit d8e735dfe2f6ed25fe9e06b753ae2f6154d76b02.

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Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header.

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Support injecting Instance<T> for sync types when async is enabled.

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Performance improvments and IOCExtensionConfigurator API change (details below).

* Don't pass in IOCProcessor to IOCExtentionsConfigurators. Allows caching

of scanned extensions, decorators, and tasks.

* Don't load class from class loader in JavaReflectionClass.

* Reduce usage of MetaClass.asClass for class literals in generated code.

* Overload some methods in EnvUtil to take MetaClasses (to avoid calling asClass).

* Never clear non-reloadable types from MetaClassCache.

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Load async types with only sync dependencies.

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Support CDI events across dynamic modules

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ERRAI-590, ERRAI-850, ERRAI-851: Implement new IOC container (more description below).

The new container uses code genererated in multiple files instead

of a single monolithic file. At compile time an implementation of

org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.container.Factory is generated for each bean.

The factory is responsible for requesting dependencies from other

factories to wire the bean, running code generated by decorators,

and cleaning up when the bean is destroyed.

The GWT.create calls for the factories are generated in the

BootstrapperImpl. The BootstrapperImpl now only registers

factories with their respective contexts.

This container has the following differences from behaviour

in the 3.x version of errai-ioc:

* Normal scoped beans must be proxiable.

* The @New qualifier is not supported.

* Normal scoped beans (except @Entrypoint or with @Startup) are lazily instatiated.

* @Alternative beans must be explicitly enabled (even if no other beans match).

* Resolution of types behaves like CDI. Some cases that worked in 3.x may now be ambiguous.

** Injecting a common supertype of multiple concrete classes is ambiguous.

* Different API for programmtically adding beans to bean manager.

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Remove java 8 incompatible generic signatures

Implemented isUnsatisfied and isAmbiguous for Instance<T>

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Fixed ERRAI-781: deleted outdated eager observer registration logic



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