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Moved all test base classes to src/test/java

- This makes sure applications can compile in strict

mode without inheriting the JUnit GWT module

- To use our test base classes for application tests

the corresponding test-jar has to be included i.e.







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Refactoring: clarifying comment in AbstractCDIEventCallback

Resolve ERRAI-766: add destroy method to client-side Instance implementation.

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Fix select method in client-side Instance implementation.

Fix select method in client-side Instance implementation.

Make sure test failures in asyncTest don't get swallowed

Use one-time init callback in AbstractErraiCDITest.asyncTest (fixes test failures in errai-cdi-async-tests).

Performance improvement for IOC generation (faster method param scanning)

- Scanning only methods in reloadable classes manually, relying on reflections for the rest

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Fixed ERRAI-679: Observing java.lang.Object leads to code overload in BootsrapperImpl

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Fixed event advertising tests

- Now tearing down and stopping the fake bus instance

- Depending on the executing order, our event advertising tests caused failures in other CDI tests. The reason was that CDIClientBoostrap held on to static references of errai bus.

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Fixed bug that caused intermittent failures in EventObserverIntegrationTest

The problem was that we relied on a runtime check (canMarshall) to decided whether or not to advertise a CDI event type to the server. However, this check will always fail for abstract types as canMarshall will return false. So whenever the bus reconnected we failed to advertise observable interfaces and abstract types to the server. Since we already collect all local-only event types on startup this check can now be removed.

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Perf. improvement for IOC bootstrapper generation

Only consider reloadable types when scanning for subtypes in the metaclass cache. Non-reloadable types (types in JARs that can't change in devmode) can be scanned using reflections which is significantly faster because the data is already cached.

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Replace framework calls from LogUtil to gwt-slf4j.

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Don't attempt to send RemoteSubscribe if bus is disconnected.

Doing so was causing RemoteSubscribes to be issued twice at startup.

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Follow-up for ERRAI-649

Had previously overlooked CDI#resendSubscriptionRequestForAllEventTypes

which remotely registers all event beans.

I have added a set which tracks local event bean types so that they are

not registered when that method is called.

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ERRAI-649: @LocalEvent prevents remote subscription @Portable typed events.

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Fixed ERRAI-646: Destroying beans that have observers no longer causes unconditional CDI remote unsubscribe messages

We now first check if other matching local observers are present before unsubscribing from remote events of that type and qualifiers.

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Fixed ERRAI-632: ConcurrentModificationException during client-side CDI event dispatch

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Fixed bug that caused client to request non-portable CDI events from server after a bus reconnect

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Fixed ERRAI-592: CDI observers on client don't see server events after QueueSession or HttpSession is renewed

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Ensured CDI subsystem is activated (and @AfterInitialization fires) even if weld-integration is not used on the server.

This is part of the fix to ERRAI-599.

Fixed ERRAI-599: Client side CDI module cannot be used without the server side weld integration module

code cleanup

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- Massive refactoring to bus API - @Disposes methods now work properly with the async bean manager.

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massive code cleanup. even more stuff moved out of ClientMessageBusImpl.

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MASSIVE bus refactoring. Bus now has a modular transport layer. All unit tests now passing. Some things still not done, however.

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- first stab at refactoring the bus to move the transport implementations out of the main message bus code. (most tests passing)

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Events and CDI ApplicationScoped producers fixed!

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V3 protocol now working properly

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configure test resources correctly in POMs

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