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ERRAI-1125: gwt 2.9 upgrade (#400)

* ERRAI-1125: gwt 2.9 upgrade

* unify the jboss-annotations-api dependency

* errai-demos update

* build errai-jpa-demo-basic fix

* @Generated relocated from errai-ioc to errai-common

* integration-test fix part 1

* integration-test fix part 2

* enableAssertions must be disabled because of gwt2.9 bug:

* rollback @Produces and @Consumes to application/*+json

Co-authored-by: porcelli <>

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ERRAI-1075: Changes necessary to run uberfire-showcase (#321)

* Create mechanism to include/exclude packages/types from an @ErraiModule

* Allow exported elements to have a different annotation than that which exported it

* Fixes in module exporting rules

* Temporary fix in attempt to run Uberfire Showcase

* First time uberfire-showcase worked

* Improved code a little bit

* Improved code a bit

* Minor changes

* Fix public elements verification for primitive types

* Removed errai-generators-apt. Code generation now runs in the last round of exporters.

* Refactors and fixes

* Fix build

* Refactors and deleted handwritten export files for exporting strategies

* Create toggle for generating code with apt generators

* Fix tests and improve code a bit

* Add log message

* Fix erraiModules and erraiApps discovery

* ExportFile with inner classes wip

* Finish shrinking export files to one per exporter

* Fix server marshalling apt generation

* Allow server code to use generated ServerMarshallerFactoryImpl to check if a type is serializable

* Fix exporting primitive types

* Revert property configuration in errai-security-demo

* Create ErraiApp targets and configure errai-bus to run tests using SERVER target too.

* Configured errai server apps in tests

* Fix ResourceFilesFinder issue for ClassLoaderResources

* Fix GWTMetaClassTest failing test

* Fix errai-cdi-server test exclusions

* Remove Guava dependency from errai-common-apt

* Add file

* Fix typo on test class name in the file

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ERRAI-1075: Integration tests using APT generators (#316)

* Allow multiple @ErraiApps in same jar

* Generating code for multiple @ErraiApp annotations. With problems.

* Fixed many errors in errai-ui tests APT codegen

* Partially fix errai-bus tests code generation

* Fix ErraiAptExportedTypes tests

* Fix multidimensional arrays marshaller factory generation

* Configured APT generators for errai-ioc. There are error still.

* Configure APT generators for errai-ioc-bus-support. There are still errors.

* Configure APT generators for errai-cdi-server. Fix export file exported public types

* Fix exporting only public elements in Export Files for good

* Fix exporting parameters of methods/constructors annotated with @Inject

* Fix exporting primitive values

* Configure APT generators for errai-data-binding.

* Configure APT generators for errai-jaxrs-client

* Configure APT generators for errai-navigation and errai-validation. Still broken.

* Fix random error caused by local exportable types not being erased

* Make generators be exported as part of their ErraiModule

* Remove test

* Removed unused parameter

* Reorganize tests in errai-security and configure APT generators

* Fix stylesheet files discovery

* Fix stylesheet load for reals

* Fix class name of generated files for local @ErraiApps

* Revert some undesired changes

* Prepared for running tests with apt-generated code

* Create GWT Module file generator to override rebinding rules for APT-generated code

* GWT modules being adapted to apt-generated classes in demos as well

* Place gwtModuleName in @ErraiApp

* Moved GWT module generation to ErraiAppAptGenerator

* Added additionalClassElement configuration to errai-ui

* Improve switch between generating code using APT or GWT generators

* General improvements

* Add testResources configuration to errai-ui

* Configure remaining test @ErraiApps in errai-cdi-server

* More tests configuration

* Remove comments on ErraiGenerators

* Fix errai-security-client IT tests code generation error

* General fixes

* Fixed some tests and add MetaMethodTest for all MetaMethod impls

* Add asyncBeanManager property to async tests @ErraiApp

* Add scope to un-annotated implementations of interface

* Make APTClass be the first option in MetaClassFactory

* Fix error in MetaClassFactory.get

* Resolved primitive issues in MetaClassFactory.loadClass

* Resolved primitive issues in MetaClassFactory.loadClass

* Make sure APTClassUtil is not initialized before codegen tests

* Fix broken test

* Make errai-codegen tests use APTClass before using JavaReflectionClass

* PR general pass

* Rollbcak unneeded change

* Create errai-ioc-extension-tests

* Add to errai-navigation tests

* CDI IOCExtensions now stay in another module and are pre-compiled

* Created mechanism to define exporting strategies depending on the annotation

* Replaced ExportedAnnotations for ExportingStrategies configuration class

* Fixed tests

* Small refactors

* Minor fixes/refactorings

* Fixed errai-navigation tests. Attemp to fix errai-validation but not complete yet

* Fix errai-jaxrs-client tests by configuring mappingAliases correctly

* Fixed one of the broken tests in errai-ioc

* Fix errai-ioc test by configuring @ErraiModule properly

* Improved exporting strategies for errai-ioc and errai-jaxrs-client

* Created jsInteropSupportEnabled configuration property

* Create dynamic validation property in @ErraiApp

* Fix almost every test in errai-data-binding

* Fix StyleBindingDecorator

* Fix errai-ioc test by dealing correctly with generic arrays as parameters in constructors/methods

* Fixed some of the server/client code generation problems

* Server code generation and CDI test fixes

* Moved Funject out of errai-cdi-server, so that it is pre-compiled

* Fix RpcIntegrationTest

* Fix SpecializationIntegrationTest

* Attempt to fix Stereotypes test

* Reset definitions factory before generating code for an @ErraiApp

* Fix JsTypeInjectionTest by changing from List to Set in WindowInjectionContextImpl providers

* General refactorings

* Fix DisconnectedEventIntegrationTest

* Fix BeanManagerIntegrationTest.testNormalScopeOverridesDependent

* Fix BeanManagerIntegrationTest.testBeanManagerLookupInheritedScopeBean by returning inherited annotations on APTClass as well

* Created tests for inherited annotations in APTClass

* Ignore tests of unsupported features in APT environment

* Fix MetaClassFinder extending/restriction methods

* Make ValidatorFactoryGenerator async and ignore dynamic validation tests for now.

* Fix configuration to ignore tests of unsupported features in APT environment

* Remove local flag from '@ErraiApp'. An app is local when the modules property is not empty

* PR final pass

* PR fixes

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ERRAI-1075: Create APT generator for errai-marshalling (#296)

* Create APT generator for NavigationGraphGenerator

* Start to move errai-marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil clas

* Fixed exposed and nonExposed portable types

* Inline methods and add comment

* Fix NullPointerException

* Move Marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil

* Create MarshallersAptGenerator (not working)

* Prepare MarshallersGenerator to run in APT environment too

* Make errai-marshalling use completely interchangeable ErraiConfiguration implementations

* Fix ClassScanner parameters to use reflections while searching @Portable types

* Make MetaClassFinder available for DefinitionsFactoryImpl

* Add @MappingAlias annotation to ErraiConfiguration

* Make MarshallerAptGenerator work, but with errors

* Scan @ServerMarshallers with MetaClassFinder

* Fix tests and improve GWT environment MetaClassFinder

* Improve MarshallerAptGenerator. References not yet resolved in MarshallerFactoryImpl

* Make ErraiMarshalling.gwt.xml use APT generators and skip creation of abstract classes in generated marshallers

* MarshallerAptGenerator working with both GWT and APT generators

* MarshallerAptGenerator working and generating every Marshaller

* Fix logging in errai-demos

* Fix X marshaller not found (generics)

* Little refactors

* Remove static initialization of ErraiAppPropertiesConfiguration in MarshallingConfiguration

* Remove QualifyingMetaDataFactory property

* Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic

* Add PageRequest in ErraiMarshallingModule's configuration

* Rollback parameter type to erased

* Revert "Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic"

This reverts commit b496229be2f7ecaa50e9ea4c5951035772d10487.

* Fix issue with generic field/parameters. Add time logs to files generation in APT environment.

* Remove @Portable annotation added by mistake

* Remove unsafeIsAnnotationPresent from HasAnnotations

* Remove unsafe methods from HasAnnotations

* Remove AbstractHasAnnotations class

* Refactor configuration files

* Add tests to new properties in @ErraiApp

* Update comments

* PR final pass

* Remove even more unsafe calls from HasAnnotations implementation

* Removed annotation caches and unnecessary methods from subclasses of HasAnnotations

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Remove @Nonbinding filtering from MetaAnnotation implementations

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Rename classes and add clarifying comment

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Add tests to APTEnum

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Create APT generators for errai-ioc module

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Fix generics issue in errai-data-biding integration tests BindableProxyLoaderImpl generation

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Partially fix errai-data-binding integration tests issue

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
Add @FunctionalInterface to HasAnnotations interface

Rename some interfaces and create tests for ErraiModuleConfiguration

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Created ErraiModuleConfiguration class

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Create APT Generator for errai-data-binding

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Merge HasMetaAnnotations into HasAnnotations

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Bring back APTMetaClassTest

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Add @FunctionalInterface

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Fix tests

Add Errai APT Generators mechanism

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ERRAI-1070: MarshallerGeneratorFactory optimization for performance and js size.

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Support in META-INF dir

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Support in META-INF dir

  1. … 123 more files in changeset.
Minor fixes for "Fix for marshall() and demarshall() generated methods".

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Minor fixes for "Fix for marshall() and demarshall() generated methods".

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Fix for marshall() and demarshall() generated methods. In my project resulting js code size went down from 433kb to 380kb, and demarshall() performance few times better now. Fixes both:

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    • +26
    • -0
    • +66
    • -0
    • +40
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Fix for marshall() and demarshall() generated methods. In my project resulting js code size went down from 433kb to 380kb, and demarshall() performance few times better now. Fixes both:

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    • +26
    • -0
    • +66
    • -0
    • +40
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Fix inconsistency in getConstructor methods of MetaClass between GWT and Reflection impls.

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
Make annotation processor for RpcProxyLoaderGenerator.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
Create APT MetaClass implementation + more MetaClass tests.

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
Fixes in codegen (description below).

* In GWTClass, return type parameters if type is generic.

* In BuildMetaClass, adhere to getErased javadoc and return same

instance if type has no type variables.

* Fix getErased impl for JavaReflectionClass.

* Always return type parameters in GWTClass (even for erased types) to make behaviour

the same as in JavaReflectionClass.

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