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Fixed Todo-list demo: @Inject binder instead of @Model for user

Remove injected ClientSyncManager from jpa-todo-list page (the issue it worked around (ERRAI-753) is no longer relevant).

Disable checkboxes shared from other users in errai-jpa-demo-todo-list.

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Use declarative datasync in errai-jpa-demo-todo-list.

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Refactor ActiveUserCache into SPI. Reorganize packages.

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Delete LoginBuilder and add finer-grained authentictaion exceptions.

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Make todolist user an errai security User.

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Imported UberFire's Role and Subject types; standardized Errai security on these

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Renamed a few things in preparation for merging in concepts from UberFire

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Merge parts of Uberfire Security into Errai. Details below.

* Imported UberFire's Role and Subject (now User) types; standardized Errai security on these

* Centralized the role membership checking logic onto User; added unit tests for it

* Refactor ActiveUserCache into SPI.

* Create ANONYMOUS user constant to use instead of null when no user logged in.

* Switch to cookie storage of user info so that we can unify with UberFire's form based login

* Use cookies instead of local storage; add CookieEncoder class into shared package.

* Make todolist demo user an errai security User.

* Delete Identity class (it's redundant; Caller<AuthenticationService> can be used).

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Security refactoring of SecurityContext:

Refactor SecurityContext to not be child of ActiveUserCache. Remove

static instance from SecurityContextImpl and create static holder class

that injects instance.

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Massive refactoring of SecurityUtil and ActiveUserProvider. Most logic is now in SecurityContext (non-static).

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Rename @RestrictAccess to @RestrictedAccess (to make tense consistent) and update documentation and rename methods/variable names.

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Remove redundancy in security annotation api, and fix names in security User.

Remove the @RequireAuthentication and rename @RequireRoles to

@RestrictAccess. @RestrictAccess has no roles by default, which has an

identical effect to what @RequireAuthentication did previously.

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Refactor security classes/interfaces into more specific packages.

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Refactor cache-updating logic into single set of static methods.

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Fix login after initial signup in jpa-todo-list-demo.

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Use picketlink user first name as short name for Errai Security User.

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Fix compile error from change to Identity in errai security.

Fix lots of warnings in todo-list and security demos, and delete unnecessary security code.

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Upgrade picketlink to 2.5.3.Final and update security and todo-list demos.

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Update demos using errai-security.

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Fix client/server code separation for errai-security.

Move LoginPage and SecurityError to errai-navigation.

Fix SecurityRoleInterceptors so that the server class is not inheriting

form a client class.

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now fields get updated before login is called

fixed login redirect

when the error is filled we need to show it

small style fix

made from css class more reusable

oops forgot to change this back to userId

attached front-end with new shared lists

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