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Add Errai APT Generators mechanism

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ERRAI-941: Create Native Transition Anchor

Create @TransitionTo and @TransitionToRole qualifiers for

injecting native anchors that link to errai-navigation pages/roles.

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Add support for non-composite templated beans, js type data fields, and elemental data fields.

Errai UI now supports:

* @Templated beans without Composite base class (or any other particular base class).

* @JsType element wrappers or elemental element wrappers as @DataFields.

* Style-binding and data-binding for non-composite templates and element wrappers.

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Refactor security demo, move logout button to nav menu, add descriptive javadocs.

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Re-implement RequiresRole and RequiresAuthentication for RPC interception. Modules compile and demo is runnable.

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Fix errai-security-demo and move it to the demo aggregator project.

Fix PageRequest import in errai-security demo.

Fix errai-security-demo (wasn't runnable).

Move errai-security demo to demo project.

Make errai-security-demo parent-less.

Fix plugin and deployment settings of errai-security-demo.

Add README to errai-security-demo.

Add errai-security-demo as module of errai demo aggregator.

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