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Upgrade Weld and java ee apis to be compatible with Wildfly 19+/EAP 7.3 (#388)

* removed dependency on IP-BOM

* BXMSPROD-685: upgrading deps for WF 18+

* fixed invalid xml configuration of plugins if there is combine.self

* fixed weld-core-impl dep declaration

* Reverted Jakarta bean validation changes

* reverted spec upgrades

* JEE8 annotation overrride

* cleaning comments about version properties and formatting

* fixed some odd things after merge

* reverted doc related to hibernate-validator

* reverted websocket api upgrade

* Upgrade websocket to jee8

* fixing jboss-websocket-api_1.1_spec references

* migrated forkMode config for maven-failsafe-plugin

* fixed jetty classes

* fixed Weld reported error

* forkMode replaced with forkCount and reuseForks

* added errai-javax-enterprise to jpa and jaxrs clients

* WELD-2635: upgrade to 3.1.5.SP1

* added errai-javax-enterprise to errai-validation module

* rolled back removed ApplicationScoped pages

Co-authored-by: Adriel Paredes <>

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ERRAI-1064: Add support for Elemental2 API (#286)

  1. … 62 more files in changeset.
Revert ERRAI-1064 temporarily until downstream projects upgrade GWT version to 2.8.1

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ERRAI-1064: Add support for Elemental2 API (#280)

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Deprecate Errai modules (details below).


* JBossLauncher

* errai-forge-addon

* errai-cordova

* errai-jpa

* errai-jpa-datasync

* errai-security-picketlink

Adds deprecation annotations to code and warnings in the documentation.

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Support in META-INF dir

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Support in META-INF dir

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Clarify IsElement usage in Errai UI docs + build latest.

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Fix broken docs links + build latest docs.

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Update data-binding documentation with native JS type binding

* Use DOM wrappers in examples.

* Describe how elements are bound.

* Describe adding custom element binding behaviour with HasValue

Minor doc fixes for Errai CDI and Errai UI.

* Add note on difference in dependent-scoped observers.

* Remove note on @Typed being unsupported (is now supported).

* Document that @DataField attribute merging is now configurable.

Remove cordova and outdated dependency trees from docs.

ERRAI-1012+: Update page lifecycle in docs.

IP BOM 7.0.0.CR5 (#212)

* [ERRAI-971] upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR5

* CR5 brings JPA 2.1 + Hibernate 5.x

(upgraded from JPA 2.0 + Hibernate 4.x)

* Fix errai-jpa-client tests and jpa demo GWT compilation errors.

* Add missing attribute to JoinColumn annotation.

* Add ForeignKey and ConstraintMode types.

* Fix HibernateJpaTest/ErraiJpaTest to work with different hibernate behaviour.

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ERRAI-870: ClassCastException on context.proceed() in aroundInvoke

Remove the ResponseCallback. JAX-RS methods returning a JAX-RS Response

can be used with a RemoteCallback on the client taking a GWT Response.

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Document server-side logging of RPC endpoint exceptions.

ERRAI-979: Provide functionality for CSRF protection

CSRF protection on message bus servlets is enabled by property.

Enabling the property creates a CSRF token on the first POST

request to the server bus.

The token can be written to an HTML page as a JavaScript variable

with a filter, or else the client can acquire it from a challenge

from the server (a 403 response containing the token as a header).

There is also a filter that protects REST endpoints using the same token.

When an Errai REST caller finds the token in a global JavaScript variable,

it will set this as a header for all REST requests.

Errai REST callers will also retry after a challenge from the server

(403 + token in header).

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Remove deprecated user cookie + fix todo list demo.

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ERRAI-993: i18n allow translations in template views to use keys without prefix

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ERRAI-1005+: Add new marshaller property to docs.

ERRAI-1005+: Add new marshaller property to docs.

Reintroduce LESS support via @Templated stylesheet attribute.

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ERRAI-981+: Fix title in new docs section on global exception handling.

ERRAI-981: Convert @UncaughtException to work with all uncaught exceptions (not just those in the client message bus)

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ERRAI-968: Support Errai UI quick event handlers using native @JsType events

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First round of revisions for Errai UI docs.

Make all examples use native element wrappers. Add notes

discouraging use of widgets.

[ERRAI-960] upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR4 + general POM clean-up (#180)

* removing depMgmt for artifacts which are already

coming from IP BOM

* better alignment with IP BOM

* using plugin version from IP BOM/JBoss Parent

* fixes related to JEE Spec upgrades

* Use version 2.8.0-beta1 of gwt-maven-plugin

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Add IsElement in Errai UI with default impl that returns templated bean root elements.

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Documented template singleton life cycle (#167)

Add property for setting class file output directory for marshallers and event qualifier serializers.

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