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Remove async test modules.

Async tests for errai-cdi, errai-data-binding, and errai-ioc,

have been moved to those respective modules and the async test

modules have been deleted.

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Clean up unloaded factories after they are loaded in async bean manager.

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Remove commented out code in errai-ioc-async-tests.

Load async types with only sync dependencies.

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Remove redundant async IoC tests and change IOC.getBeanManager() behaviour.

errai-ioc-async-tests now runs all tests from errai-ioc with

the async flag set to true. Duplicate tests have been removed.

When the async flag is set to true, IOC.getBeanManager() returns

as SyncBeanManager that is used internally by the AsyncBeanManager

(containing beans from all downloaded code fragments).

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ERRAI-590, ERRAI-850, ERRAI-851: Implement new IOC container (more description below).

The new container uses code genererated in multiple files instead

of a single monolithic file. At compile time an implementation of

org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.container.Factory is generated for each bean.

The factory is responsible for requesting dependencies from other

factories to wire the bean, running code generated by decorators,

and cleaning up when the bean is destroyed.

The GWT.create calls for the factories are generated in the

BootstrapperImpl. The BootstrapperImpl now only registers

factories with their respective contexts.

This container has the following differences from behaviour

in the 3.x version of errai-ioc:

* Normal scoped beans must be proxiable.

* The @New qualifier is not supported.

* Normal scoped beans (except @Entrypoint or with @Startup) are lazily instatiated.

* @Alternative beans must be explicitly enabled (even if no other beans match).

* Resolution of types behaves like CDI. Some cases that worked in 3.x may now be ambiguous.

** Injecting a common supertype of multiple concrete classes is ambiguous.

* Different API for programmtically adding beans to bean manager.

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LazySingleton feature + fixes for some complex ioc cases

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Implemented ERRAI-703: Add parameter for code partition/fragment name to @LoadAsync

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modified rpc and jax-rs interceptor chain processing to be async. added IOC support for interceptors (now if the interceptor is a managed bean it will be looked up via the bean manager rather than simply created new each time

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Rename @AltLogger to @NamedLogger

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Fix ioc async test for logger injector

Move org.jboss.errai.common.Logging inheritance into ioc container module

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Add async tests for logger injector

Removed bean validation as a dependency of errai-bus: should have never been there

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master' into 3.0

Migrate fix for ERRAI-528 from master








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add support for code weaving to async bean manager

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- add additional unit tests - do not lazy cache annotations for GWT MetaClass implementations as the performance penalty of upfront caching is not significant (unlike with Java reflection)

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add more tests for the async bean manager.

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first passing cluster test with JGroups!

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ignore currently unused test file -- will add tests on the airplane =)

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add additional unit test for testing named lookup with the async bean manager.

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fix registration of bean type supertypes in the async bean manager.

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@LoadAsync now has workable semantics.

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async bean manager integration tests now work properly for out-of-order resource loads. Unit tests now simulate variable latency to ensure this works.

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post construct and pre destroy behavior now working correctly when running in a browser in production mode.

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added a whole bunch new dependent scope tests for the async bean manager. all passing.

  1. … 34 more files in changeset.
- Dependent beans now registering properly in async mode. - Introduced new IOCEnvironment deferred binding to reliably configure the client-side bean manager into async or synchronous mode.

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add missing files

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