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ERRAI-1095: Prevent callbacks from invoking with Caller<T> when user bean is destroyed

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ERRAI-1075: Create APT generator for errai-marshalling (#296)

* Create APT generator for NavigationGraphGenerator

* Start to move errai-marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil clas

* Fixed exposed and nonExposed portable types

* Inline methods and add comment

* Fix NullPointerException

* Move Marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil

* Create MarshallersAptGenerator (not working)

* Prepare MarshallersGenerator to run in APT environment too

* Make errai-marshalling use completely interchangeable ErraiConfiguration implementations

* Fix ClassScanner parameters to use reflections while searching @Portable types

* Make MetaClassFinder available for DefinitionsFactoryImpl

* Add @MappingAlias annotation to ErraiConfiguration

* Make MarshallerAptGenerator work, but with errors

* Scan @ServerMarshallers with MetaClassFinder

* Fix tests and improve GWT environment MetaClassFinder

* Improve MarshallerAptGenerator. References not yet resolved in MarshallerFactoryImpl

* Make ErraiMarshalling.gwt.xml use APT generators and skip creation of abstract classes in generated marshallers

* MarshallerAptGenerator working with both GWT and APT generators

* MarshallerAptGenerator working and generating every Marshaller

* Fix logging in errai-demos

* Fix X marshaller not found (generics)

* Little refactors

* Remove static initialization of ErraiAppPropertiesConfiguration in MarshallingConfiguration

* Remove QualifyingMetaDataFactory property

* Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic

* Add PageRequest in ErraiMarshallingModule's configuration

* Rollback parameter type to erased

* Revert "Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic"

This reverts commit b496229be2f7ecaa50e9ea4c5951035772d10487.

* Fix issue with generic field/parameters. Add time logs to files generation in APT environment.

* Remove @Portable annotation added by mistake

* Remove unsafeIsAnnotationPresent from HasAnnotations

* Remove unsafe methods from HasAnnotations

* Remove AbstractHasAnnotations class

* Refactor configuration files

* Add tests to new properties in @ErraiApp

* Update comments

* PR final pass

* Remove even more unsafe calls from HasAnnotations implementation

* Removed annotation caches and unnecessary methods from subclasses of HasAnnotations

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Create APT generators for errai-ioc module

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ERRAI-1068 - Extend EnabledByProperty annotation to allow multiple conditions

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ERRAI-1018: Support for javax.enterprise.inject.Typed

* Rework implementation of injectables matching sites of the exact type.

Now uses a predicate on the path of references used to resolve a dependency

in order to determine if a resolved candidate satisfies an injection site.

* Use path predicate to support @Typed for resolution of dependencies at

compile time.

* When @Typed is present, only use types in @Type for assignable types.

This allows beans to only be looked up dynamically by types in @Typed.

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Delete dead code

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ERRAI-981: Convert @UncaughtException to work with all uncaught exceptions (not just those in the client message bus)

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Generate dummy implementations for some JsTypes to avoid compiler inlining.

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Selecting subtype and then destroying all with should only affect the selected ManagedInstance.

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ERRAI-961+: Fix javadocs copied from Instance<T> in ManagedInstance<T>.

ERRAI-961: Migrate IOCUtil functionality from kie-wb-common into errai-ioc as enhanced version of Instance<T>

Created a ManagedInstance<T> type with an API like Instance<T> except

with different memory management semantics. A ManagedInstance<T> holds

references to all dependent beans it creates and will destroy them

when it itself is destroyed.

This feature required adding capability to for disposing beans

to IOCProviders.

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Rename External to Shared and WindowScope to SharedSingleton, +javadoc

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Support sharing a single instance of a JsType defined in two scripts via new window scope.

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Add DOM JsTypes to errai-common. Change IsElement to use new HTMLElement wrapper.

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Add missing license headers and update copyright notice in existing headers.

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Revert "Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header."

Changes from the reverted commit did not preserve original copyright dates.

This reverts commit d8e735dfe2f6ed25fe9e06b753ae2f6154d76b02.

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Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header.

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Enhance WidgetIOCExtension and related fixes (description below).

Cache concrete subtypes of Widget in MetaClassBridgeUtil

to add provider extensions in WidgetIOCExtension.

Remove subtype matching feature and fixup exact type matching


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Merge branch '4.0'

Don't assume void return type in caller when no callback passed in.

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Fix several minor issues (descriptions below).

* Add error messages for public fields in normal scoped beans (except @EntryPoint).

* Remove "Concrete" and "Abstract" from toString of Injectables.

* Add tests that lazily-loaded @Page and @Templated beans are in time.

* Don't use universal qualifier for Providers (only for ContextualTypeProvider).

* Add @IOCProducer annotation (for projects that don't depend on CDI @Produces).

* Make provider of ErraiEntityManager to producer so that it also matches EntityManager.

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Load async types with only sync dependencies.

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Remove redundant async IoC tests and change IOC.getBeanManager() behaviour.

errai-ioc-async-tests now runs all tests from errai-ioc with

the async flag set to true. Duplicate tests have been removed.

When the async flag is set to true, IOC.getBeanManager() returns

as SyncBeanManager that is used internally by the AsyncBeanManager

(containing beans from all downloaded code fragments).

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ERRAI-590, ERRAI-850, ERRAI-851: Implement new IOC container (more description below).

The new container uses code genererated in multiple files instead

of a single monolithic file. At compile time an implementation of

org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.container.Factory is generated for each bean.

The factory is responsible for requesting dependencies from other

factories to wire the bean, running code generated by decorators,

and cleaning up when the bean is destroyed.

The GWT.create calls for the factories are generated in the

BootstrapperImpl. The BootstrapperImpl now only registers

factories with their respective contexts.

This container has the following differences from behaviour

in the 3.x version of errai-ioc:

* Normal scoped beans must be proxiable.

* The @New qualifier is not supported.

* Normal scoped beans (except @Entrypoint or with @Startup) are lazily instatiated.

* @Alternative beans must be explicitly enabled (even if no other beans match).

* Resolution of types behaves like CDI. Some cases that worked in 3.x may now be ambiguous.

** Injecting a common supertype of multiple concrete classes is ambiguous.

* Different API for programmtically adding beans to bean manager.

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Implemented ERRAI-723: Add gatekeeper-like functionality to IOC

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Removed unnused API: InjectPanel and CreatePanel

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Implemented ERRAI-703: Add parameter for code partition/fragment name to @LoadAsync

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Introduced optional fragment name in @LoadAsync

New fix for ERRAI-689: EnabledByProperty annotation should not be a scope

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New fix for ERRAI-689: EnabledByProperty annotation should not be a scope

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