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Move client logging dependencies/modules to errai common

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Inherit and configure gwt logging in JpaTest.

This will allow apps using errai-jpa to have their own logging


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Add GWT Logging to JPA.gwt.xml

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Add gwt-slf4j to errai-jpa-client

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Refactored ErraiEntityManager and its generator to make it easier to create multiple instances.

Unfortunately, this caused me to introduce two new factory interfaces. Sorry about that. :-/

The motivation for this change is that I want to keep a second ErraiEntityManager around for

tracking the state we believe the server has for each entity reachable from a SyncableDataSet.

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errai-jpa needs to inherit the errai-marshalling gwt module directly now that the bus no longer brings it in

New fix for jpa/data-binding integration: let the private field accessors do the unwrapping

This allows most of the Errai JPA code to deal with the proxy, and defers the unwrapping until the last possible moment.

The advantage is that we retain access to the proxy in case we need to call the updateWidgets() method on it.

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Rename package 'gen' to 'rebind' to be consistent with GWT conventions.

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Now using Hibernate to provide metamodel information to the code generator.

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Got the one test passing, so added another (that fails) :)

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Project structure and first crack at translatable subset of JPA2.

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