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Remove random string from ExportFile names

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Support in META-INF dir

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Support in META-INF dir

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IP BOM 7.0.0.CR5 (#212)

* [ERRAI-971] upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR5

* CR5 brings JPA 2.1 + Hibernate 5.x

(upgraded from JPA 2.0 + Hibernate 4.x)

* Fix errai-jpa-client tests and jpa demo GWT compilation errors.

* Add missing attribute to JoinColumn annotation.

* Add ForeignKey and ConstraintMode types.

* Fix HibernateJpaTest/ErraiJpaTest to work with different hibernate behaviour.

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Remove 'destroyAllBeans' method from bean manager API.

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ERRAI-944: Entity Manager fails to persist entity with ID of type Long and value 0.

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Update GWT to 2.8.0-rc1 (lots of details below).

Most of the items below were fixes for tests (which

are now production compiled by default) and dependency

issues (since gwt-user/gwt-dev now bring in transitive

dependencies instead of bundling them in fat jars).

* Upgrade jetty to version in ip-bom

* Fix errai-bus test issues.

* Remove GuardedBy and Nonnull annotations from errai-bus.

* Fix javadoc bug in errai-bus.

* Fix test failures caused by GWT type oracle behaviour change.

(This commit causes the type oracle to hide non-abstract methods

in interfaces:

* Fix AbstractErraiTest so it is usable in errai-ioc-bus-support production compiled tests.

* Fix data-binding tests (have to manually invoke event listeners because dispatchEvent does not work).

* Fixes for errai-cdi-server tests (description below).

* Upgrade Jetty version

* Add -devMode gwt.arg

* Add missing inherited modules

(This was to try and get the tests to run in prod mode,

but there appears to be a compiler bug that prevents this

-- interned value is used before being referenced)

* Use errai.devel.nocache property in Errai GWT generators.

* Fix jaxrs-client bug with Date params.

* Fix errai-ui tests (notes below).

** Fix event dispatching issue (same problem as with data-binding tests).

** Fix NPE when an empty input element fires a change event while bound

to a primitive property in a model.

* Fix errai-navigation native anchor test (same problem as data-binding tests).

* Fix Errai Security tests.

* Fix errai-jpa-client tests.

* Fix gwt-dev version in demos.

* Manage gson version in errai-bom to version required by gwt-dev.

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Support binding with non-widgets and lists through normal programmatic API.

DataBinder.bind methods now accept non-widget objects. Types should implement

one of the following:




Objects being bound can also be wrappers for native input elements.

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Add missing license headers and update copyright notice in existing headers.

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Revert "Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header."

Changes from the reverted commit did not preserve original copyright dates.

This reverts commit d8e735dfe2f6ed25fe9e06b753ae2f6154d76b02.

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Remove old JBoss and Red Hat license headers. Add new "Red Hat and affiliates" header.

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Remove redundant async IoC tests and change IOC.getBeanManager() behaviour.

errai-ioc-async-tests now runs all tests from errai-ioc with

the async flag set to true. Duplicate tests have been removed.

When the async flag is set to true, IOC.getBeanManager() returns

as SyncBeanManager that is used internally by the AsyncBeanManager

(containing beans from all downloaded code fragments).

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ERRAI-590, ERRAI-850, ERRAI-851: Implement new IOC container (more description below).

The new container uses code genererated in multiple files instead

of a single monolithic file. At compile time an implementation of

org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.container.Factory is generated for each bean.

The factory is responsible for requesting dependencies from other

factories to wire the bean, running code generated by decorators,

and cleaning up when the bean is destroyed.

The GWT.create calls for the factories are generated in the

BootstrapperImpl. The BootstrapperImpl now only registers

factories with their respective contexts.

This container has the following differences from behaviour

in the 3.x version of errai-ioc:

* Normal scoped beans must be proxiable.

* The @New qualifier is not supported.

* Normal scoped beans (except @Entrypoint or with @Startup) are lazily instatiated.

* @Alternative beans must be explicitly enabled (even if no other beans match).

* Resolution of types behaves like CDI. Some cases that worked in 3.x may now be ambiguous.

** Injecting a common supertype of multiple concrete classes is ambiguous.

* Different API for programmtically adding beans to bean manager.

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Implemented ERRAI-832: Added support for whitelist and blacklist properties for Errai JPA

Added tests and test cases. Test cases commented out for now. Tests do not pass

Added programming logic but must be updated using Filters and Sets.

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Removing old auth. adapater from property files

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Add test for hibernate entity scanning disablement

No longer printing gen. code to stdout (not needed: gen. code is written to files in .errai)

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No longer printing gen. code to stdout (not needed: gen. code is written to files in .errai)

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Minor change (log level of message in jpa test)

Inherit and configure gwt logging in JpaTest.

This will allow apps using errai-jpa to have their own logging


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Create JPA test parent class that loads GWT logging module

Change errai-jpa-client print calls to slf4j log calls

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Oops! Missed these new classes with the previous commit. Sorry!

Now ensuring generated IDs don't overlap between types that share a common superclass

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Added the ability to fetch entities by supertypes rather than exact type matching

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Added sanity-check test against Hibernate to validate our behaviours around inheritance

Added test that spans 3 levels of entity type hierarchy, just to be sure.

Added the ability to query on an entity class which subclasses another entity. (refs ERRAI-645)

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Added support for polymorphic query results (refs ERRAI-645)

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Added support for basic store and fetch of entities that subclass other entities. (refs ERRAI-645)

Still need to test and implement:

* polymorphic query results

* abstract entities

* mapped superclasses (might be same as abstract entities)

* unmapped superclasses (ensure state inherited from these is not stored and restored)

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