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removed unneeded dep. to hibernate

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ensure that the MetaDataScanner is constrained to client-side classes

Updated stock demo for Errai-2.0. Also fixed long-standing concurrency bug in client initialization event.

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fix to failing compiler after refactorings in errai

Updated for relocated Errai Bus API class

Update to new locations of Errai Bus annotations

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adding a backup timer to verify test results even if no events were received

updates for latest refactorings

more test refactoring

more test improvements

minor change

refactored integration-tests

made @ReplyTo is optional for Senders

- major code cleanup

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- fix to consumer tests - fix bug in running simulated client mode -- was using older APIs.


* add support for Sender to Weld integration * update JAX-RS demo for latest API changes

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code cleanup and addition oc comments

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fixes and cleanup

fixes. all CDI tests now passing.

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reworking on @Conversational. Now used on Event class definitions themselves.

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+ServletContextListener that binds the Weld BeanManager to JNDI. Used for Jetty7 and 8.

ensure that the test suites do not package the server marshaller in the output classes directory of the projects.

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resolve minor conflict


minor fix to pom.xmls -- jetty should be a provided dependency in the root pom.xml -- I believe they were set to default scope due to the integration tests. But since the tests have their own profile, this is unnecessary.

- custom association no longer required for weld-integration - weld-integration will no longer work with the AsyncDispatcher. Rather, it never worked with AsyncDispatcher. But now Errai CDI will actively refuse to start, throwing an exception if ErraiBus is configured to use the AsyncDispatcher.

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add debugging messages for experimental bus

Update versions after 1.3.2.Final release

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