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Updated to new version 2.2.0.Final

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modify multi-threaded test to simulate straggler


remove checkOverflow from transmission buffer. it's not necessary.

add BufferOverflowException

cleaner implementation for LAZY_INIT_REF

Now you can add departments to stores, and rearrange their order with drag-n-drop

Registration of singleton produced beans was resulting in uncaught exception. The contract of the lookupBean() method in the bean manager always throws an exception when the specified bean cannot be found. It does not return null.

Fixed build problems :-||

unit test for transition anchor fixed

Now using an attach handler to set the href in order to work better in a templated environment

Merge branch '3.0' of into 3.0

removed demo specific stuff from the location api

Merge branch 'master' into 3.0

Fixed ERRAI-479: BindableProxyGenerator tries to override static methods

Added Bootstrap floating (pinned to bottom of screen) footer to grocery list demo

Made errai-location event pass

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Merge branch '3.0' of into 3.0

this logic was moved to the module

added null check, because it can be that the detector is not produced

Merge branch 'master' into 3.0

ERRAI-475 now cordova javascript gets injected automatically updated the demo to use this feature

ERRAI-475 now cordova javascript gets injected automatically updated the demo to use this feature

Revert "minor javadoc change to fix broken link"

This reverts commit 067757e6773c86ffce335a95f2d5525ef9cb1a9f.

Revert "data-binding: always avoid generation of duplicate local variables"

This reverts commit fecac458b9665d038f377a41e0cb1f5665ba17fe.

Merge branch '3.0' of into 3.0

Attempting to reproduce the problem described in ERRAI-464 (but the test passes!)

Fixed ERRAI-476: RPC generators fail in face of similar interface names

Made input fields a more comfortable size

Added error handling for the case where the requested store is missing