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Update versions to 1.3.2.Final for release

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Update to 1.3.2.Final release version

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- temporarily omit war scan tests.

- migration of Errai extension APIs into common package. Removal of references to MetaClassFactory causing problems on JBoss 7 due to their referencing of GWT development APIs. - remove methods in MetaClass API which reference GWT APIs.

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fix to integration-test profile


- re-add support for property-file defined serializable types.

Merge branch '1.3' of into 1.3

Update errai-bus/src/main/java/org/jboss/errai/bus/server/service/metadata/

Update errai-bus/src/main/java/org/jboss/errai/bus/server/service/metadata/

Merge branch '1.3' of into 1.3

- add support for aliased user types

Update errai-bus/src/main/java/org/jboss/errai/bus/rebind/

test fix for latest marshalling

- more unification of the APIs. Marshaller configurations fully moved into MappingDefinition.

- fix to server-side set marshaller.

fix to Queue marshalling. all tests passing

- even more API unification - tests passing (again)

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release preps. in docs

release preps. in docs

- add support for BigInteger and BigDecimal - code cleanup / fixes

- more API unification. - cached marshallers on server now get accessed as MappingDefinitions - a little messy, but there's no *good* way to unify this right now, short of swtiching to a pure code-generation model on the server.

- factory-method based marshalling implemented. all tests passing.

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prep. docs for 1.3.2

- fix to enums encoding.

Merge remote branch 'christian/master'

fixes to mapping definitions: - removal of unnecessary mappings - Throwable, and inherited mappings will prefer to use initCause() instead of overloaded constructor

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failing test with enum and overridden toString

upgrade to 1.3.2-SNAPSHOT

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code cleanup