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Added support for annotation-based global entity listener (gets all JPA lifecycle events for all entity types)

Fix to resolving array element back references in JacksonTransformer

I think this fixes ERRAI-499 as it was the only way to reproduce a problem with the provided classes.

Merge branch '3.0' of into geofencing

initial version of sort widget

upgraded to latest build of open layers, has nicer controls

added ability to edit geo fence

get rid of unneeded event type in SSE traffic

fix SSE in the StandardAsyncServlet

cancel the initial timeout timer in the SSEHandler if another error is triggered first

SSE failure detection bug in Firefox fixed. More status console cleanup.

bug fix to reconnection logic

fixed ManagementConsole. Added new statistics such as latency.

fix compilation problem with errai-cordova. An abstract class was incorrectly marked @Portable

fix LocationTest to use a more reliable API.

bus throttling fixed. slight change to the contract dealing with error handling with lifecycle events due to the bus' more aggressive "world must go on" policy.

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refactor JBoss 7 support into seperate modules. This involves making the Vfs stuff for Reflections pluggable and discoverable as an flag. Also, support for AS6 is now dropped.

Added new ChaosMonkeyServlet for testing. Session recovery also now fixed.

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Merge branch 'master' into 3.0



Better fix for ERRAI-489: @Bound should default to field name rather than the name given in @DataField

inline superfluous method in HttpPollingHandler.

refactored most bus configuration into ErraiConfigAttribs

fix to bus re-negotiation. if bus experiences expiry while sending a message, the messages will be resent after re-connection.

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Added ability to delete pre-existing entities in sync request

Merge pull request #38 from EricWittmann/errai-nav-transition-link-params

TransitionAnchors with additional @PageState

hanging GETs now replaced with hanging PUTs to reduce network traffic in ErraiBus COMET.

web sockets now working again

Added more scenarios to cold sync requests and responses

massive code cleanup. even more stuff moved out of ClientMessageBusImpl.

more code cleanup

move the error console out of the client bus

MASSIVE bus refactoring. Bus now has a modular transport layer. All unit tests now passing. Some things still not done, however.

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