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support for throws declarations

more work on the ClassBuilder


more work on try/catch and throws

support for throw statements

support for using this.[varName] in loadVariable

support for try/catch/finally blocks

improved classbuilder and tests, support for initializing a class member with a method parameter of the same name

support for context-aware nested parameterized types

Merge branch '1.3' of

Merge branch '1.3' of


test working again after objectbuilder changes, +refactoring of package structure

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minor changes

minor changes

Merge branch 'master' of into 1.3

add support for auto-imports

refactored tests

using a linked set for the qualifiers cache

fixes to unit tests and such

+test for nested while loops

refactored and cleaned up stmt builder interfaces

minor test changes

+first version of the EventProviderTest

allowing undeferred initialization of variables with literals

Merge branch 'master' of into 1.3

fixes to unit tests and such

fixes to unit tests and such

add tests

working class builder with tests.