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code cleanup.

code cleanup.

more work on field mapper API. Extended WSGrid to retain original row information for proper mapping.

begin adding field mapper API (very preliminary)

TheStore demo now working from the database.

authentication adapter API is now completley decoupled.

updating libraries for errai-persistence

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Improvements to the bus API:

- Added support for transient resources

Errai persistence module:

- Hibernate now properly bootstraps.

TheStore demo

- Begun ported the UserManagement tool over to actually work against the database.

temporarily remove dependency on errai-persistence

more work on the errai-persistence prototype.

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more fixes ot serialization

fix to client-to-server serialization.

small fixes

fix to coercion system

fix to string handling.

serialization system now working bidirectionally.

more work on serialization.

add full gamut of JRE emultation library classes to the type coercion system.

fix to JSON encoder

Updated PastDue and TimeDisplay uibinders

Added setters in WSGrid

updated client bus to support HTTP keep-alive.


defer message sends if the bus has not yet initialized.

add serialization demo

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Fixed gwt.maven version in pom.xml

Fixed error in ErraiPersistenceExtension

Added missing dependencies

removal of test code

massive improvement to bus performance

remove debugging code.