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point demo profiles to new maven repositories

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exclude monitor from bus demo

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cleanup serialization example

Fix hello world example

remove unused error handling example

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format pom.xml

ERRAI-69: catch the assertion error where sequence of events may lead to gwt confusion

ERRAI-69: add in the deletion of the drape panel

ERRAI-69: add a hide() method to WSModalWindow

update maven snapshot directory in POMs

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detect loss of queue and signal client to disconnect properly

add support for serializable types defined from the file.

improvements to the async API.

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New async API sort-of complete.

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minor code cleanup.

small code cleanup.

more work on the new asynchronous task API

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small little fix to the format of the unique ID

switch out back-end implementation to use the Java executor service for now.

Fix ThreadBalancedSchedulerService.

- Added new ThreadBalancedSchedulerService

- Fix security problems: make errai service configuration un-modifiable after bootstrapping complete.

- Fix type safety issues: Small change the the ErraiConfigExtension interface to clarify that the first type parameter of the bindings map is variant. Also, improve thread safety in the ServerMessageBusImpl.

- Remove unused / old code.

add LocalContext and SessionContext attribute helpers.

new managed scheduler service added.

  1. … 38 more files in changeset.
create service instance in servlet.init()

turn heartbeats back on.

fix to Jetty Servlet -- not properly disconnecting. But now it is.

fix timeout.

added in support for varargs.