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comment out GWT logging from Errai UI as it causes it load automatically in user application.

Merge branch 'master' into 3.0

Fixed NPE when a new boolean property appears in an entity that was previously persisted

Fixed ERRAI-454: PropertyChangeHandlers are lost when calling setModel on a DataBinder

Disabled PopupLogHandler by default (apps can re-enable it if they desire)

Merge branch 'master' into 3.0



Fixed ERRAI-453: Page Navigation should not fail the build when there are no @Page classes present

Enhanced type variable resolver to support bounded and unbounded wildcards

Now that MetaClass has type vars more often, need to erase it when making a snapshot

Much better implementation for GWTClass.getErased(), plus a test that would have failed with the old impl

data-binding: minor refactorings / doc improvements

Tightened up getErased(): it returns the same instance if the type was already raw

Fixed logic: we need a marshaller for the array component type, not the array itself.

Adjusted to explicitly ask for erased return type now that type parameters are working in more MetaClass instances

Fixed Array case, plus eliminated infinite recursion when param type is unknown

fixed unused commits, causing not compilable

upgrade from GWT 2.4.0 into 2.5.0 & fixed ui-binder incompatibilities

ignore currently unused test file -- will add tests on the airplane =)

fix version in databinding pom.xml

merge in changes from the master branch.

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Another minor formatting fix

A bunch of new unit tests for MetaClass, MetaField, Meta* implementations.

This version of the fixes related to the new tests breaks the errai-bus integration tests.

Will investigate soon.

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Fixed more formatting issues in release process doc

Fixed ERRAI-450: public TransitionTo causes compile error

Reworked the GWTMetaClassTest so it runs all the same tests as the core (Java Reflection) version of the test

Up next: I will port over the tests that used to be in there so they're in the abstract supertest

and they will be run against both the Java Reflection impl and the GWT TypeOracle impl.

Refactored to allow for all the MetaClass tests to run against the GWT implementation as well

New integration test for fields that have a lower-bounded wildcard type argument.

This test causes bad (syntax error) server-side marshalling code to be generated, but because of the

fallback to dynamic marshalling, it doesn't cause the tests to actually fail.

Added log4j connector and configuration so log messages show up during tests

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add additional unit test for testing named lookup with the async bean manager.

ERRAI-448: Initial work on a new errai-validation module

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