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ERRAI-984: Event qualifiers being missed when JSON contains empty collection

Use array literal for assignable types in IOC factories instead of adding to list.

Reduce code size of IOC factories by removing 'addQualifier' invocations.

Improve size and generation time of RPC proxies

Reduce number of generated methods in IOC factories.

Return true for Marshalling.canHandle for all interfaces.

ERRAI-969: Remove WARN message "The property errai.marshalling.serializableTypes has been set multiple times"

Add method to get model bound to UI when DataBinder is paused.

ERRAI-982: navigateBackOrToPage should keep page state

Update latest docs and add script for uploading just docs.

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ERRAI-981+: Fix title in new docs section on global exception handling.

ERRAI-981: Convert @UncaughtException to work with all uncaught exceptions (not just those in the client message bus)

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ERRAI-944: Entity Manager fails to persist entity with ID of type Long and value 0.

[ERRAI-980] Upgrade to GWT 2.8.0-rc2

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Consolidate test code for intercepting adding/removing browser event listeners.

Add boolean property to @Portable to generate marshallers for concrete supertypes.

When @Portable(mapSuperTypes=true) is on a class, all concrete

super types will have marshallers generated as if marked portable


ERRAI-947: TransmissionBuffer write sequence (seq) becomes negative thus leading to AIOOBE all the time.

ERRAI-978: Generated client code doesn't compile for observer methods of primitive types.

Observer methods of primitive types are registered as observes of the boxed types,

since only boxed types can be fired as events.

ERRAI-938: Having an option on @DataField for alternative attribute merging strategies

Use CSS class list in DOMUtil instead of regex on CssText.

Add system property to change CDIExtensionPoints bean veto pattern.

ERRAI-975: Remove temporary client-side replacements of Optional, Function, Supplier, etc.

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Resuming binding from UI now correctly updates nested models.

No longer use gwt-maven-plugin 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT in jsInterop demo

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Fix JsInterop demo to not depend on GWT snapshots

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Get rid of JsTypeInjectionTest suite and run all ioc tests with generatedJsExports and ioc jsinterop support.

Fix test failures caused by prev. commit (see below)

- Make sure jsInterop exports are on for JsTypeInjectionTest

- Fix wrong generated method call on EventListener

Disable WindowInjectionContext by default (add property to enable).

ERRAI-974: Call observers for indirect interface supertypes of event.

Instead of generating addLookups for all indirect supertypes,

do this for only direct supertypes/interfaces and recurse

to get indirect supertypes.

ERRAI-973: java.lang.Class is not marshallable