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Migration from Confluence to Asciidoc

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Removed errai-cdi-jetty project (no longer needed)

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Removed JettyLauncher and custom JUnitShell (no longer needed)

Optimized generated marshaller lookup code

Removed unused import

Log generation time of RPC proxy loader

Changed String.replaceAll with replace where possible to improve code gen performance

Fix to avoid duplicate generation of abstract marshaller class for arrays

Eagerly initializing nested marshallers for built-in types

Merge branch 'inc-marshaller-gen'

Ensured nested marshaller fields are created for inherited built-in mappings

Check for null PrintWriter (in case class was already generated)

Private field accessor methods now need to be generated for each marshaller class

Fixed compilation error in

Introduced lazy init. method for nested marshallers to avoid initialization cycles

No longer consider lazy built-in marshallers for client-side (not needed anymore)

- all test passing using Maven now as well

Fixed code gen assertions to reflect shorter representation of empty classes

Allow for portable types with underscores in class name

Adding* to implicit type whitelist

ERRAI-621: All serialization tests passing using deferred generators

Progress on ERRAI-621: Deferred array marshalling working

Remove third-party dependencies with missing version properties from errai-bom.

Progress on custom marshaller generator for ERRAI-612

- first set of tests passing (missing deferred generation of array marshallers on client)

Fix client/server code separation for errai-security.

Move LoginPage and SecurityError to errai-navigation.

Fix SecurityRoleInterceptors so that the server class is not inheriting

form a client class.

Fix errai-security-demo and move it to the demo aggregator project.

Fix PageRequest import in errai-security demo.

Fix errai-security-demo (wasn't runnable).

Move errai-security demo to demo project.

Make errai-security-demo parent-less.

Fix plugin and deployment settings of errai-security-demo.

Add README to errai-security-demo.

Add errai-security-demo as module of errai demo aggregator.

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Progress on ERRAI-621: MarshallerFactory refactored and triggering deferred generation of custom marshallers

- custom marshaller generator not ready yet

minor formatting change in class generator to save lines

Added support for declaring inner classes to ClassStructureBuilder

Add more dependency management to remove need for any explicit versions other than errai in user pom files.

Progress on ERRAI-621: Introduced custom type specific marshaller generator (not executed yet)