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Added README.asciidoc

Implement screen clearing for test harness

Fixed arguments bug

FORGE-1125: Fixed path for images

Merge branch 'features/FORGE-1114' into 2.0

Added more tests, and ability to clear the buffer from the ShellTest - currently not working

FORGE-1114: Added lenient option

FORGE-1114: Wizards working now. Using latest Aesh version.

FORGE-1114: Added more minor stuff. Still not working

FORGE-1114: Added minor stuff. Still not working

FORGE-1114: Initial support for multi-step wizards in Shell

FORGE-1114: Support for multi-step wizards in Shell

Fixed NewFieldPluginTest failures.

FORGE-1122: Using constant in InputComponents

FORGE-1121: Support shortName in options

FORGE-1120: Added example using shortName

FORGE-1122: Introduced shortName in the UI API

Don't throw exceptions because of optionally unavailable classes that are not found.

Merge branch '2.0' into shell_refactoring



Fixed offsets

ConfigurationFactory is a singleton @ApplicationScoped

Improved CompletionStrategy impl

Refactoring still going on...

Almost there

Added line.separator to make pushToStdOut work

Removed -Djava.awt.headless=true from the startup scripts

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Refactoring on Shell interface

Rename org.jboss.forge.container.spi.ContainerLifecycleListener to org.jboss.forge.furnace.spi.ContainerLifecycleListener

Removed outdated graphml

Fixed minor typo