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Resource API Refactoring - incomplete.

Resource API Refactoring - incomplete.

FORGE-1889: Upgraded to Roaster 2.6.0.Final

Merge branch 'sbryzak-FORGE-1727'

Merge branch 'FORGE-1727' of into sbryzak-FORGE-1727

Update README.asciidoc

Update README.asciidoc

Update README.asciidoc

Update README.asciidoc

JBIDE-17557, FORGE-1894: AbstractFileResource.getChild() should not throw exceptions when children do not exist

Avoiding NPE in other JavaSourceFacet implementations

Rethrowing original exception

Removed commented out code

Displaying exception message when addon-install-from-git fails

FORGE-1893: No need to switch branches if same as default

Properly resolve non-versioned addon coordinates

Support installing addons with no version

Rename branch to ref

Support git-based installation of addons without version

AbstractJavaSourceCommand requires JavaSourceFacet to be installed

FORGE-1887: Fixed code to checkout from a remote branch

FORGE-1887: Calling Git.close()

FORGE-1887: Throwing exception when branch cannot be switched

Update to Roaster SNAPSHOT

FORGE-1891: Connection profiles are now shown

FORGE-1891: Added null check

FORGE-1885: Upgraded to Aesh 0.56

FORGE-1886: Suppressing java.lang package from PK type

Update README.asciidoc

Added java.util.Date as a possible type in NewFieldWizard