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Added plugin installation guide steps

Update readme for separate Furnace container

Added furnace-manager-resolver-maven dependency to addon-manager addon

This reverts commit 3338611dadd26ebe7e265242abd6f65c2da21202 because it may introduce plugin incompatibilities with previous Forge versions. It should be added when a minor version is released.

Added BaseDependencyFacet to reduce boilerplate code of facets that requires dependencies to be installed

FORGE-1025: Added Charset to set/getContents methods

FORGE-1023: DirectoryResource should throw UnsupportedOperationException when get/setContents is called

MavenContainer should not cache not-found artifacts

FORGE-1027 Upgrade Java Parser to 1.1.2.Final

FORGE-1027 Upgrade to Java Parser 1.1.2.Final

Correct poms that had depended on leaky test-harness classpath dependencies


Remove Furnace Manager classes from Maven

Add package-info to empty project in order for maven deployment constraints

Moved Arquillian Adapters and Test Harness to:

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
Moved ClasspathWorkspaceReader to upper package

Updated to use furnace-manager

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
FORGE-873 Overrides behavior of default HtmlWidgetBuilder

This renders h:selectOneMenu widgets differently.

The selectOneMenu widgets are generated with EL expressions that invoke a tag library to determine how labels should be displayed. The tag library determines if toString() is defined by the class of the instance and invokes it based on the method's presence. Additionally, due to Metawidget limitations, it is not possible to determine whether a toString() method is defined on an entity, and then adjust the generated widget. Hence, specialized EL expressions involving the tag library are generated instead of relying on Metawidget to generate the right expressions.

This is also done for the search results when a reference to another entity is displayed. This is also done when a link is displayed to another entity in the view screen.

Merge pull request #335 from VineetReynolds/FORGE-44

FORGE-44 Increase intensity of colors for Windows consoles.

FORGE-44 Increase intensity of colors for Windows consoles.

FORGE-990: Upgrade to Arquillian 1.1.0.Final

Removed Shrinkwrap Resolver from poms due to incompatibility with Maven 3.1.0. All tests passing

Using MavenContainer instead of ShrinkWrap classes

Fix for the PlexusContainer

Use Jansi in Windows only in non-embedded mode.

This ensures that using Jansi does not result in a looping behavior under JBDS in Windows.

Merge pull request #332 from VineetReynolds/FORGE-1012

FORGE-1012, FORGE-942, FORGE-554 (Multiple bug fixes for Shell)

Break out of reading from on interrupt.

Merge branch 'features/eclipse_aether_maven_3_1_0' into 2.0





Moved MavenOperationException to upper package