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FUSETOOLS-2140 - add camel 2.18.1 support (#757)

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - Update Catalog Model Generator for Camel 2.18

- New attributes has been added to the catalog in Camel 2.18

- some elements are using '&' character since 2.18 so need to escape

them in our Catalog

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - add 2.18.1 community camel support

a first draft for the plugin and the generator code for the catalog

model. we now have 2 types of catalogs (karaf and springboot)...THIS IS


* FUSETOOLS-2140 - extended camel model to allow multiple catalog flavors

* added a routecontainer super class and it has RoutesElement and CamelContextElement as derived classes for now

also fixed a bug which prevented the addition of new routes to a camel

container (routes or camelContext)

* done requested changes by Aurelien's review

* fixed dirty editor problem

* fixed regression in previous commit

* added a temporary workaround to be able to use the SNAPSHOT of camel 2.18.1

* rebased with master

* upgraded to camel 2.18.1.fuse-000010

* improved teardown method for project templates integration tests

* fixed amq templates to work with 2.18

* improved teardown of IT

* minor code tweaks and added a new test for routes file IO

* added bool flag for xml optimization

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - fixed syntax error after rebase

* fixed problem with multiple call of the setInput of the properties pane

* adapted launch config for linux to fix missing deps

* added 2.18.1 plugin to feature.xml

* switched to community camel 2.18.1

* fixes problem that route attribute get filled on route container elements

* generalized the previous fix for all element kind attributes of routecontainers

* code cleanup

* fixed problem with camelContext params in pre 2.18.1 versions

* make tests fail if the camel designer fails to load

* added 2 missing deps for the templates integration tests

* fixed issue where properties view camel context element gets out of sync

* improved code to prevent NPE

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Normalize all the line endings

use Linux style

  1. … 872 more files in changeset.
Remove unused import package

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FUSETOOLS-1928 - fixed regression with new routes all having the same ID (#598)

FUSETOOLS-1928 - fixed regression with new routes all having the same ID

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FUSETOOLS-1820 - allowing user friendly duration values (#507)

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FUSETOOLS-1456 - Search in all folders of the Project for a CamelContentType

It allows to find Camel Context files for Wildfly archetypes too

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
FUSETOOLS-1231 camel-archetype-component in Fuse Project wizard

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
moved util methods to camel utils in foundation.core

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
editor now handles namespace prefixes (see FUSETOOLS-1367)

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
discarded camel model plugin

  1. … 300 more files in changeset.
saving to remote contexts works now, diagram view improvements

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
finish initial version of the model i/o

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