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FUSETOOLS-3222 - use https for legal license URL

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

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FUSETOOLS-2956 - include Claim Check and Saga new EIP pattern in palette

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

FUSETOOLS-2695 - provide more robustness against null

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

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FUSETOOLS-1856: Apply improvements suggested by Aurelien

Signed-off-by: Andrej Podhradsky <>

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FUSETOOLS-2571 FUSETOOLS-2572 avoid loading 3 catalogs when a single one is needed

- deactivate classpath listener during creation of the project, it

avoids to load the catalog for the camel version available in the

template source

- use latest loaded Camel Catalog when no project is specified, Graphiti

seems to be project-agnostic in the ImageProvider and thus the project

cannot be load. Previously, it was loading the "default" Camel catalog.

now it is loading the latest loaded catalog (which is often the right

one by side-effect) and if none loaded use the "default as before

- improved progressMonitor in several places to report progress on

catalog loading

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

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Remove unused private methods

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

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FUSETOOLS-1585 - beginnings of adding bean support (#880)

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - beginnings of adding bean support

-- adding to Global Configuration page as an "Add" possibility

-- started work on the Bean wizard

-- started on property page for bean properties

-- have basic bean property page working

-- added ID validation for global configuration elements

-- added browse button for bean class in wizard page

-- added class name validation in wizard page

-- added class name validation on property page

-- added class browse button on property page

-- added method browse button on property page

-- added method validation on property page

-- added first cut of property and argument table controls to wizard

-- added support for defining arguments and properties in config

-- some Sonar cleanup

-- added edit buttons to property & argument tables

-- more sonar cleanup

-- addressing comments from Aurelien and more cleanup

-- additional sonar cleanup of lambdas and an icon issue

-- more sonar cleanup and addition of property name uniqueness

validation plus bean id uniqueness validation in property page

-- even more sonar suggested fixes

-- addressing a NPE and some other suggestions made by Aurelien

-- more sonar fixes

-- added edit functionality for properties and arguments

-- added a few sonar & Aurelien-requested changes

-- fixed issue with xml not being added/updated correctly

-- fixed some property name validation issues

-- fixed issue with adding wrong constructor argument tag name to


-- further correction to method used to find namespace for blueprint

-- adding beginnings of IT test

-- updated test so it works and refactored some code for easier testing

-- beefed up test to cover basic use cases and blueprint vs. spring


-- added additional tests for creation and editing of beans

-- did a little test refactoring

-- added factory-method/factory-bean functionality to property page and

tests for it

-- added ability to create new class from bean wizards and property page

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - set new java class wizard to not auto-open

Discovered that the new java class wizard opens the new class for

editing immediately after clicking Finish. For this case, we don't want

it to open, since focus would then shift from the Camel Editor.

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - addressing some of Aurelien's feedback,

adding a new test, and correcting a couple of labels

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - moving some XML attribute setting/getting code back to

the CamelBean model object. Adding a test to ensure that it can be

loaded properly and changed via the CamelBean object.

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - adding more tests and functionality to CamelBean

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - small code improvements

* Fixed issue with refresh

* Fixing issue where src/main/java not created yet

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - Factorize code and leverage java 8 streams

* Attempting to fix test issues with Shells

* Updates to PropertyInputDialogTest as suggested by @apupier

* Update to fix one issue

* fix the swt / cocoa lib failures from CI

* fixes model problem

* Specialize bean extension to not clash with SAP

* Addressing an issue found by the Core model test

-- also includes feedback from Aurelien on a couple of code tweaks

* Addressing more comments - test for SAP extension, code cleanup

* Externalizing strings for the Bean work

* Fixes for next round of comments

* Updates to allow specialization of Globel elements and a sonar fix

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - addressed more feedback

- factorized code requested in AdvancedBeanPropertiesSection and


- updated developer name in javadocs to be consistent

- fixed validation issues with Property and Argument dialogs so

validation prevents OK button from being active

- removed code around potential WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR since the last round

of model updates seems to have removed the necessity

* FUSETOOLS-1585 - Avoid having two times the same WizardPage

Before the pages on the wizard are added twice in


Shell) , there is a addPages() called which is also called when is called which was causing that nothing happened when

clicking "Next"

Now, it is called a single time. No next button is displayed.

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Remove empty statements

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first draft of working decoupled tooling

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FUSETOOLS-2290 - added new json model and wired it in as replacement

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Use optimized Char functions to improve performance

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FUSETOOLS-2336 - Add Hystrix Routing EIP in the Palette

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Remove useless assignments to local variable

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FUSETOOLS-2259 - handle fuse qualifier in ActiveMQPaletteEntry

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FUSETOOLS-2259 - handle fuse qualifier in ActiveMQPaletteEntry

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FUSETOOLS-2237 - Support runtime providers on custom Palette entries

- API for the Custom PaletteEntry updated

- updated custom implementations: ActiveMQ and camel-dozer

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FUSETOOLS-2224 - improve handling of invalid xml syntax in editor (#790)

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FUSETOOLS-2154 - Configure Tooling to use the correct catalog

- palette and properties are now using the CamelModel corresponding to

the runtime provider (SpringBoot/Karaf) used in the project

- the runtime provider is determined by checking Maven dependency of the


- CamelComponentutils was caching Components ignoring the Camel version

in HashMap, now it is cached in WeakHashMap checking for Camel version

and Runtime Provider

- LanguageUtils was ignoring Camel version, now respect Camel version

and runtime provider (SpringBoot/Karaf) when we are in a

CamelFile/Project context, use the latest available version base don

Karaf for Workspace scope used for preferences

- provided a method to retrieve the corresponding CamelModel on a

CamelFile, it allows to be abstracted to IProject. It also allows to

test more easily

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FUSETOOLS-2154 - Clean code during investigation

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FUSETOOLS-2140 - add camel 2.18.1 support (#757)

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - Update Catalog Model Generator for Camel 2.18

- New attributes has been added to the catalog in Camel 2.18

- some elements are using '&' character since 2.18 so need to escape

them in our Catalog

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - add 2.18.1 community camel support

a first draft for the plugin and the generator code for the catalog

model. we now have 2 types of catalogs (karaf and springboot)...THIS IS


* FUSETOOLS-2140 - extended camel model to allow multiple catalog flavors

* added a routecontainer super class and it has RoutesElement and CamelContextElement as derived classes for now

also fixed a bug which prevented the addition of new routes to a camel

container (routes or camelContext)

* done requested changes by Aurelien's review

* fixed dirty editor problem

* fixed regression in previous commit

* added a temporary workaround to be able to use the SNAPSHOT of camel 2.18.1

* rebased with master

* upgraded to camel 2.18.1.fuse-000010

* improved teardown method for project templates integration tests

* fixed amq templates to work with 2.18

* improved teardown of IT

* minor code tweaks and added a new test for routes file IO

* added bool flag for xml optimization

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - fixed syntax error after rebase

* fixed problem with multiple call of the setInput of the properties pane

* adapted launch config for linux to fix missing deps

* added 2.18.1 plugin to feature.xml

* switched to community camel 2.18.1

* fixes problem that route attribute get filled on route container elements

* generalized the previous fix for all element kind attributes of routecontainers

* code cleanup

* fixed problem with camelContext params in pre 2.18.1 versions

* make tests fail if the camel designer fails to load

* added 2 missing deps for the templates integration tests

* fixed issue where properties view camel context element gets out of sync

* improved code to prevent NPE

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Code cleaning (#768)

FUSETOOLS-2160 - Allow move nodes between containers

current limitation:

- doesn't support the insert/append/prepend

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Normalize all the line endings

use Linux style

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Remove unused import package

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FUSETOOLS-1940 - prepare support for camel community versions (#648)

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - prepared some tests for JSON parser

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - added logic to determine a compatible supported camel version for a given camel version

* improved retrieval of a compatible camel version and added custom comparator able to handle Fuse Camel Version scheme

* fixed broken integration test

* code cleanup

* added new camel impl bundle for 2.17.3 and renamed existing ones to reflect product brand

* removing unused test code

* fixed error in activator ID definitions

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - Add a check on the Camel Facet version

- ensure that a new version added comes with its facet

* added 2.17.3 facets and cleaned up code

* Update

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - improve test to avoid name collision

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - use parameterized test to simplify code

* added latest camel patch version bundle (621117)

* code cleanup

* remove unused method in camelmodelfactory

* improved checker for canHaveChildren of an EIP and fixed EIP catalog errors

* fixed amq dependencymanager

* added screenshot logic to find problems with the ui tests

* fixed wrong target folder for screenshots

* improved screenshot name

* fixed missing id values for xpath expressions in templates

* replaced 630077 bundle with 630175

* fixed obvious xml syntax violations in components catalog

* fixed remaining references to abandoned 630077 bundle

* fixed missing/wrong defaultValue for some dataformats

* fixed missing xpath id values in amq templates

* adding better repo for EA artifacts, fixing camel version to fuse bom mapping

* another tweak for including the correct repos to the pom.xml for EA

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FUSETOOLS-2032 - restrict reconnection possibilities / validate new c… (#630)

* FUSETOOLS-2032 - restrict reconnection possibilities / validate new connection

* fixed issue with connecting to flow start element

* catched case where source is already the first in flow

* added integration tests

* added another test and cleaned up

* added additional checks and reword the canReconnect / reconnect logic to consider reconnect type

* fixed compile issues in integration test

* restored old logic for resetting connections and removed outputs to console

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FUSETOOLS-1979 - Allow update dependencies of custom components (#623)

When Camel version is updated, custom components might want to update

their dependencies too

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FUSETOOLS-1941 - add dependencies with the currently set camel version (#562)

* FUSETOOLS-1941 - add dependencies with the currently set camel version

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FUSETOOLS-1861 - Introduce new Global Definition model element (#518)

- rely on it for extension points for Global Configuration Editor

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FUSETOOLS-1778 - Improve support of Global Elements (#506)

- Modify interface to have access to CamelFile

- Support selection of Element in the Tree

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