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FUSETOOLS-2316 - Graphical remote debug of Camel with JMX

- Provide Remote Camel Debug (without java because the java can be not

enabled and only JMX is available)

- Provide Remote Camel and Java debug

- Clean code

- Provide disconnection only for remote process to be coherent with Java


- provide tests for Launch Configurations initialization (no execution)

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Normalize all the line endings

use Linux style

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FUSETOOLS-2117 - Improve compatibility with Spring IDE (#715)

Allows to have Bean code completion in xml

- Fix creation of Spring Templates when Spring IDE is installed

- Fix "Launch as camel context" shortcut when Spring IDE is installed

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FUSETOOLS-2019 - Ensure Launch shortcuts available on source editor (#647)

- fix regression introduced by commit

687e901ddfbf85a37470ed1c55283279bf9dd630 which is hiding Launch

shortcuts for local camel context in case of missing camel-maven-plugin

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FUSETOOLS-1977 - Enable local launch only when camel-maven-plugin (#636)


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FUSETOOLS-1223 Allow camel context launch from Project level

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code reorganization

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