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FUSETOOLS-2578 - Start support Fuse 7 with different boms

- dynamic search on available repositories

- create specific Fuse 6 and 7 projects

Known limitations:

- Fuse 7 on EAP now requires a "dynamic" bom, it is currently hardcoded

- OpenShift example is still working and tested with redhat versions

- Fuse 7 Bom mapping file points to work branch

Signed-off-by: Aurélien Pupier <>

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JBIDE-24766 fix copyright dates, terms, licenses (remove 'JBoss, Home of Professional Open Source', etc.)

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>

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FUSETOOLS-2023 - Remove namespace example in When xpath expressions

due to Camel bug

avoid usage of namespace in When XPath to avoid users to hit the Camel

bug when using a provided template

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FUSETOOLS-2152 - Add Doctype xml to xml files without xsd or DTD

it avoids to have warnings in Eclipse

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FUSETOOLS-2085 - automate build of the project templates and fixed so… (#673)

* FUSETOOLS-2085 - automate build of the project templates and fixed some errors in template readmes and maven config

* moved templates into templates plugin subfolder "template-sources"

* removed unneeded git ignores

* added missing classes back

* FUSETOOLS-2085 - Configure camel facet when camel file is in non-default


* removed unneeded empty lines

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