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FUSETOOLS-1918 - Update samples to be deployed on Fuse (#558)

* FUSETOOLS-1918 - Update samples to be deployed on Fuse

- configure Maven bundle plugin to generate a valid MANIFEST.MF in all

provided samples

- Configure Fuse runtime to be able to launch fuse.camel type (even if

not working yet)

- Implement undeploy on Fuse

- improve robustness to bad configurations in several places

- Basic support of undeploy for pure OSGi bundle

* FUSETOOLS-1918 - Fix deployment with fuse.camel module on Windows

Still issues to undeploy due to bad retrieval of BundleDetails

* FUSETOOLS-1918 - Handle spaces in path for undeployment of fuse.camel


* fixed broken deployment and cleaned up code (#2)

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FUSETOOLS-1912 - FUSETOOLS-1911 - Fix BluePrint Schema Location And Add (#549)

Missign Maven Repo

also ensure that the opened file was not found in Maven target folder

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FUSETOOLS-1880 - updated templates for simple cbr

added new template based project wizard (FUSETOOLS-1230)

    • binary
    • binary
    • binary
    • binary
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