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FUSETOOLS-2227 - Add support for FUSE 6.3.0.R1

- corresponds to Camel

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FUSETOOLS-2186 - add dependencies for languages and dataformats (#798)

* FUSETOOLS-2186 - add dep for dataformat

-- add dependency when dataformat is added in the global configuration


-- add dependency when dataformat is added through the property page,

such as with a marshal/unmarshal

-- add dependency when language is added through the property page, such

as with an enrich

-- still need to figure out how to test in the NewDataFormatWizardIT,

which seems to add the data format in a different manner than the

performFinish of the NewDataFormatWizard

-- addressed a few suggestions from Lars & Aurelien

-- addressed a new round of suggestions from Aurelien and tweaked the


-- fixed a typo in the test

-- added screen captures to tests

* cleaned up the test class

* fixes NPE

* added handling for path params of type data format and language

* cleanup

* renamed field

* additional cleanup

* removed code duplication

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FUSETOOLS-2239 - Use a RedHat FIS version of Camel

- remove 2.18.1 Community which has a blocker issue with Blueprint

(process killed after a short timeout)

- use FIS ER2

- don't rely on Fuse BOM when a pure FIS version is used

- ignore warnings for 2.18.1

- update template to align with correct dependency version

- use latest non-fis specific version in some tests


- ensure staging repositories are added when creating a new project

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FUSETOOLS-2140 - add camel 2.18.1 support (#757)

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - Update Catalog Model Generator for Camel 2.18

- New attributes has been added to the catalog in Camel 2.18

- some elements are using '&' character since 2.18 so need to escape

them in our Catalog

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - add 2.18.1 community camel support

a first draft for the plugin and the generator code for the catalog

model. we now have 2 types of catalogs (karaf and springboot)...THIS IS


* FUSETOOLS-2140 - extended camel model to allow multiple catalog flavors

* added a routecontainer super class and it has RoutesElement and CamelContextElement as derived classes for now

also fixed a bug which prevented the addition of new routes to a camel

container (routes or camelContext)

* done requested changes by Aurelien's review

* fixed dirty editor problem

* fixed regression in previous commit

* added a temporary workaround to be able to use the SNAPSHOT of camel 2.18.1

* rebased with master

* upgraded to camel 2.18.1.fuse-000010

* improved teardown method for project templates integration tests

* fixed amq templates to work with 2.18

* improved teardown of IT

* minor code tweaks and added a new test for routes file IO

* added bool flag for xml optimization

* FUSETOOLS-2140 - fixed syntax error after rebase

* fixed problem with multiple call of the setInput of the properties pane

* adapted launch config for linux to fix missing deps

* added 2.18.1 plugin to feature.xml

* switched to community camel 2.18.1

* fixes problem that route attribute get filled on route container elements

* generalized the previous fix for all element kind attributes of routecontainers

* code cleanup

* fixed problem with camelContext params in pre 2.18.1 versions

* make tests fail if the camel designer fails to load

* added 2 missing deps for the templates integration tests

* fixed issue where properties view camel context element gets out of sync

* improved code to prevent NPE

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FUSETOOLS-2133 - Provide more trace in test

to understand random failures on CI

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FUSETOOLS-2181 - bump master to 9.1.0 (#743)

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FUSETOOLS-2137 - Externalize Strings for Manifest.MF and plugin.xml

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FUSETOOLS-2137 - Add missing bundle-vendor header

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upgrade master to Neon / Fuse Tooling v9 (#700)

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FUSETOOLS-2108 - invoke MavenProjectUpdate to build a valid Manifest if needed

* FUSETOOLS-2108 - invoke MavenProjectUpdate to build a valid Manifest if needed

* async exec of update job schedule

* wait for jobs to finish before invoking another maven update job

* tweaking pom to prevent bundle goal being executed twice

* removed all other occurences of maven-bundle-plugin configs in templates

* Launch Java search in UI Thread: it is to avoid DiskIndex error which occurs more often since it is now

often launched in UpdateMavenJob, see

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FUSETOOLS-1867 - final camel model plugin version for GA

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FUSETOOLS-2056 - draft for fixing the broken mapping between local fo… (#658)

* FUSETOOLS-2056 - draft for fixing the broken mapping between local folders and the WAR content

* cleanup code

* FUSETOOLS-2056 - Ensure no duplicated "Web Deployment Assembly" mapping


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FUSETOOLS-2071 - Set Fuse bom version when Target runtime selected (#666)

- currently rely on the fact the UI will have restrained the list of

possible choice and that we have a 1-1 mapping between fuse bom version

and camel version

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FUSETOOLS-1940 - prepare support for camel community versions (#648)

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - prepared some tests for JSON parser

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - added logic to determine a compatible supported camel version for a given camel version

* improved retrieval of a compatible camel version and added custom comparator able to handle Fuse Camel Version scheme

* fixed broken integration test

* code cleanup

* added new camel impl bundle for 2.17.3 and renamed existing ones to reflect product brand

* removing unused test code

* fixed error in activator ID definitions

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - Add a check on the Camel Facet version

- ensure that a new version added comes with its facet

* added 2.17.3 facets and cleaned up code

* Update

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - improve test to avoid name collision

* FUSETOOLS-1940 - use parameterized test to simplify code

* added latest camel patch version bundle (621117)

* code cleanup

* remove unused method in camelmodelfactory

* improved checker for canHaveChildren of an EIP and fixed EIP catalog errors

* fixed amq dependencymanager

* added screenshot logic to find problems with the ui tests

* fixed wrong target folder for screenshots

* improved screenshot name

* fixed missing id values for xpath expressions in templates

* replaced 630077 bundle with 630175

* fixed obvious xml syntax violations in components catalog

* fixed remaining references to abandoned 630077 bundle

* fixed missing/wrong defaultValue for some dataformats

* fixed missing xpath id values in amq templates

* adding better repo for EA artifacts, fixing camel version to fuse bom mapping

* another tweak for including the correct repos to the pom.xml for EA

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adapt to be Neon compilable

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adapt to be Neon compilable

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adapt to be Neon compilable

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adapt to be Neon compilable

  1. … 147 more files in changeset.
adapt to be Neon compilable

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FUSETOOLS-2025 - Avoid redundancy of Maven goals (#624)

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FUSETOOLS-1979 - Allow update dependencies of custom components (#623)

When Camel version is updated, custom components might want to update

their dependencies too

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Fusetools 1870 integration tests for cbr projects (#599)

* FUSETOOLS-1870 - Provide more Integration tests for sample projects

- test for 2.15.1 and 2.17 redhat versions

- test Content Based Router samples

- test Launch in Debug mode for Spring and Blueprint CBR samples

* FUSETOOLS-1870 - Provide the maven output file of test for better

investigation when test is failing

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Fusetools 1990 dont blow non faceted project (#596)

* FUSETOOLS-1990 - only install our needed facets if its a camel project (contains camel context)

* added a test case (not working yet)

* FUSETOOLS-1990 - Add Integration tests

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added tests for facets and nature

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FUSETOOLS-1869 - provide code to test launch debug

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FUSETOOLS-1869 - Provide basic integration for simple project creation

- fix blueprint template to use correct schema location

- implement opening of Java Editor for new Java project

- provided code to test that there is no validation error, just to

uncomment a line when corresponding reported issues fixed

- deactivate xulrunner

TODO: implement more advanced test, checking for execution for instance

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