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adressing issues raised by PR review by Aurelien

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repaired several broken tests, missing deps and cleaned up codebase

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disabled broken test and reapplied sonar fixes

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FUSETOOLS-2169 - adding preference page for staging repositories (#758)

-- added new test for preference page

-- had to expose a few additional methods to get the tests to work

-- updated validation on the new repo dialog to cover more cases

-- updated the dialog tests to run synchronously, not asynchronously so

they actually tested the code

-- changed exported package to x-friends

-- added warning labels into dialog and fixed a few other suggestions

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Normalize all the line endings

use Linux style

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FUSETOOLS-2131 - provide preferences to use staging repositories

- one option to enable/disable

- one option to customize the list of staging repositories

- by default , it is disabled

- enable it in tests for not yet publicly released version

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FUSETOOLS-1905 - Improve support of bom and camel.version property

- it avoids to have warning for overriding/duplicating dependency

version when creating templates

- the warning is still here for Community version, it would imply to

remove Fuse Bom version which would affect too much the pom structure

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FUSETOOLS-2116 - projects using the same template shouldn't have same… (#694)

* FUSETOOLS-2116 - projects using the same template shouldn't have same bundle-symbolicname

This would cause confusion otherwise when someone creates 2 projects in

the workspace using the same template because the bundle-symbolicnames

would be identical and therefore overwrite each other if deployed to a

runtime. Bundle SymbolicName is now equal to the project name in eclipse

just replacing spaces with - chars.

* code improvements

* removed 2nd refresh in favor of a refresh on the changed files directly

* more code cleanup

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FUSETOOLS-1943 - hide empty categories in the new wizard templates list (#563)

* FUSETOOLS-1943 - hide empty categories in the new wizard templates list

* added unit tests

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extracted weight and name into interface and created comparator (FUSETOOLS-1871)

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