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restructuring repository and split into 3 features. features still needs to be reworked to only include what is really needed.

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avoid icky html encoding of hawtio json schema

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attempt to use nicer text encoding; though the code generated pretty json ignores it :)

improved the hawtio code generator to properly add the canAcceptInput / canAcceptOutput / nextSiblingAddedAsChild flags for the web editor

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improved the hawtio code generation; use more strict groups of core endpoints and use combo box/enum for language

fix typos in generator

add better union support for generated hawtio json schema (e.g. for marshal) along with schema for related classes

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added better hawtio json; avoid standard classes like string/list, add proper extends and type=object clauses, add more common camel base classes and a base endpoint type

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latest code generation for hawtio to make nicer pretty printed json

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