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FUSETOOLS-1981 - Integrate CXF Code First Templates (#653)

* FUSETOOLS-1981 - Integrate CXF Code First Templates

- Provide ids to camel-routes

- Use Java launcher for Java project (and remove camel route ersatz)

- Ignore maven-bundle-plugin in m2e

- Upgrade maven plugin versions

- Align naming with other templates

- Support Template Categories without tags

- Add MANIFEST.MF by default to have first run working on JBoss Fuse

- Deactivate for Blueprint as it is not working with version 2.17 as-is

- Update Maven repositories

- Handle no keywords in TemplateItem

- Remove log which was used for debug on CI

- use port 9292

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enable to launch camel context locally with mvn camel:run

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[ENTESB-5886]add CXF Code First Example with java-dsl for FUSEIDE

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