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reenable the fuse bom alignment for new projects

fixed broken test in RemoteDebugWhenEditingRoutesFromJMXNavigatorIT

loading pure FIS versions now from remote repo

added a mapper file for FIS-only versions

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Remove empty statements

fixed typo

fixed some wrong references to bundle versions in manifests and added logic to access the remote camel2bom mapping file

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added mapping file for camel to bom versions

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FUSETOOLS-2290 - wait build to finish to avoid m2e issues with maven-bundle-plugin

make the build work

added repair logic for projects using removed facet versions

validation of the entered camel version is now done using a verify button in the wizard instead of forcing the check every time

FUSETOOLS-2290 - Use directly MavenPlugin in test

the pom used is not recognized as an IFile in the IProject used in this


Clean test correctly

it avoids to have it failing on windows

repaired several broken tests, missing deps and cleaned up codebase

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FUSETOOLS-2357 - Provide support of Fuse 6.3.0 R2

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FUSETOOLS-2351 - Avoid remote call in hashCode and equals method

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FUSETOOLS-2356 - Avoid stack in log for non local IFile

bad side is that it is using deprecated API but there is no replacement

for it and this is used in getContentDescription so no other choice

(except ignoring the exception but it is even uglier from my point of


disabled broken test and reapplied sonar fixes

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fixed problem with downloading embedded deps with snapshot timestamps

added asf snaphot repo definition

removed tools subprojects as they are no longer used

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added unit tests for the new json based model classes

fixed most of the broken tests and also several sonar issues

created another cache for the CamelCatalog objects to work around an issue with loading of another camel version fails once one is loaded in the catalog

first draft of working decoupled tooling

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Improve test cleaning

Try to be more resistant to potential zombie Debugger instance

FUSETOOLS-2290 - added new json model and wired it in as replacement

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Upgrade TP to 4.4.3-CR1-SNAPSHOT and parent pom to 4.4.4.AM1-SNAPSHOT