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FUSETOOLS-1977 - Enable local launch only when camel-maven-plugin (#636)


FUSETOOLS-1669: New Transformation Wizard - XML, JSON - search button shows schema files and instance documents together (#634)

FUSETOOLS-2038 - do not allow Route to be dropped on a route (#633)

* FUSETOOLS-2038 - do not allow Route to be dropped on a route

* added integration test for route on route drop

FUSETOOLS-2028 - improve resize / layout algorithm (#631)

FUSETOOLS-1976 - improve usability when adding or inserting figures i… (#588)

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - improve usability when adding or inserting figures in editor

* only allow insert node on a connection

* improved code, added prepend logic

* code improvements

* more improvements

* code cleanup & fix autoselected node

* fixed problem in catalog which prevented inserts of a when / otherwise in choice

* fixed catalog problem that routes can't have wireTap children

* fixed bug in deletion of elements which did not work if in between 2 nodes

* added fix for broken layout with data transformation (generic fix)

* added integration tests (not fully working)

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Avoid emf transaction error while executing test

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Avoid blocking popup whiel deleting element in test

* fixed build issues

* remove unused import

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Support Insert after delete

* typo correction

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Fix layout issue after delete

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Fix layout issue after delete when there is a container

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Fix adding a route

- add non regression test

* FUSETOOLS-1976 - Fix issue when there is a scroll

Workaround until https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=499720 is

fixed in Graphiti

* code cleanup

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fixed product icon (JBTIS-819)

FUSETOOLS-2027 - replaced old processor icon with new one (#629)

FUSETOOLS-1970 - Improve robustness during investigation (#627)

- ensure hidden project is open

- ensure file is not out of sync (to avoid stacks in log from


FUSETOOLS-1257 - Reload JRE configuration on each Server Launch (#626)

FUSETOOLS-2026 - Fix MANIFEST.MF simple blueprint template naming (#625)

FUSETOOLS-2025 - Avoid redundancy of Maven goals (#624)

FUSETOOLS-1979 - Allow update dependencies of custom components (#623)

When Camel version is updated, custom components might want to update

their dependencies too

FUSETOOLS-1875 - respect disablement of template description (#622)

- use Text instead of StyledText

- remaining little issue for Search icon place on filter Text but should

be an SWT issue

FUSETOOLS-2002 - Drop Apache ServiceMix support (#614)

- left embedded Documentation references which will be updated later on

- Remove unused local archetype-catalog.xml

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FUSETOOLS-2019 - Support Local CamelContext Launch on source tab (#619)

FUSETOOLS-2022 - Fix Regression And Add Test (#621)

FUSETOOLS-2022 - Fix Regression And Add Test

- fix regression introduced with FUSETOOLS-1987

- add tests to ensure loading of xml currently provided by JMX is

correctly loaded

- Improve test to put the reloaded element in a Project

FUSETOOLS-1994 - Clean Code (#618)

FUSETOOLS-1997 - Have deployment before build working (#617)

- call mvn package before each full publication of a Module.

FUSETOOLS-1856: Get rid of NPE during validation

Signed-off-by: Andrej Podhradsky <apodhrad@redhat.com>

FUSETOOLS-1817 - Convert 'To' To 'From' if endpoint is the first added (#616)

FUSETOOLS-1908 - basic User Guidance for Java DSL local launch (#613)

* FUSETOOLS-1908 - basic User Guidance for Java DSL local launch

just provide a message dialog to explain how user can launch the Camel

route instead of just silently ignore it.

* FUSETOOLS-1908 - Improve message to guide user in m2e UI

FUSETOOLS-2015- Report SAP installation Job Error in Dialog (#615)

FUSETOOLS-1808 - Implement Support Of Different Validation Level (#612)

FUSETOOLS-2009 - Avoid NPE in logs (#610)

FUSETOOLS-1987 - Support Camel files without context (#611)

FUSETOOLS-1581 - Remove Breakpoint and Debug listeners when editor is (#609)


FUSETOOLS-1955 - Fix Go into feature (#607)

* FUSETOOLS-1955 - Fix Go into feature

- avoid NPE

- ensure that the selectedContainer attribute is updated when "going up"

* FUSETOOLS-1955 - Reuse constants

FUSETOOLS-2000 - Reuse Launch Configuration when Launched from a (#606)

specific file

FUSETOOLS-2013 - Remove useless order namespace (#608)

FUSETOOLS-1985 - Support case sensitivity for breakpoints (#605)