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GTNPORTAL-2391 Correct filter configuration for api/rest in Gadget Server

Remove unused DOMUtil declaration from UIUploadInput.js

Refactor code of UIRightClickPopupMenu.js

GTNPORTAL-2387 Strange duplicated requests in gadget rendering

Use one() method instead of bind()/unbind()

Clean redundant and improve code from dashboard resource

Remove remaining uses of DOMUtil from dashboard resource

GTNPORTAL-2357: add a new NumberRangeValidator to specify the range of valid numbers. Update the UIDashboardEditForm to use this new validator to display a helpful error message if the number of columns in the dashboard is out of range.

GTNPORTAL-2356: default numbers in the UIPortletForm to include 'px' if they are not already set. Add to the input box string that 'px' is expected.

- Update SSO version in GateIn docs

GTNPORTAL-2355: Navigation labels are shortened but not looking good in multibyte languages

Improve code for the last commit about IfModifiedSince handling

handle IfModifiedSince header in ResourceRequestHandler

JQuery integration for DnD-related methods in UIDashboard.js

- Fix possible NPE.

GTNPORTAL-2354 Upgrade Picketlink IDM from 1.3.0.GA to 1.3.1.CR01

Fix small bug on PortalHttpRequest: defer attribute doesn't work

GTNPORTAL-2353 Unable to remove DB users if LDAP store is not read-only

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Added mention on the fact that some components require all lowercase usernames.

GTNPORTAL-2498 Synchronize use of shindig-container feature for gadget container in GateIn

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Programmatically trigger loading needed scripts for particular components

Move UITabbbedDashboard.js to 'dashboard' portlet application

Refactor UITabbedDashboard.js using JQuery

GTNPORTAL-2275 Added AuthenticationRegistryListener to make sure that AuthenticationRegistry entry is cleared when session expire.

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Clean up usage of DOMUtil traversing

GTNPORTAL-2275 Get rid of credentials in HTTP session.

Fix bug in UIFormInputThemeSelector.js

Re-organize code base

Deprecate some DOMUtil.js methods

GTNPORTAL-2154 Support for JBoss AS7 - fixed parent version mismatch that occurred during the last release

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