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GTNPORTAL-739: Bug JS when dragdrop pagebody

GTNPORTAL-715: the permission enhancement of container/application in the edit inline mode

fixing missing class

GTNPORTAL-770: Enable JBoss Cache on the MOPSessionManager Change default values

GTNPORTAL-770: Enable JBoss Cache on the MOPSessionManager Configuring the POMSessionManager cache

Edits and todos from Luc

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Edits and todos from Luc

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GTNPORTAL-768 unknown error when click edit layout of Dashboard

GTNPORTAL-608 Display fail in Access permission form of category in Application registry

GTNPORTAL-767: Improve node navigation visibility

- GTNPORTAL-766: Forgot to add property for WS timeout.

GTNPORTAL-595: Show invalid message when create group name already exists Typo (vi probably)

Seems to only hide the memory issue (Portal might still stale)

GTNPORTAL-708: exo.conf.dir property changed from default $TOMCAT_HOME/bin to $TOMCAT_HOME/gatein/conf on tomcat

GTNPORTAL-719: Luc's review is finished, hand over to ScottM

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GTNPORTAL-592 Language of portal wrong when check in Edit layout

let's be crazy and use a schema for gadget deployment

- GTNPORTAL-502 : Remove println messages from java files - make a bit more type safe

GTNPORTAL-703 When passwords aren't equals when we change it, Gatein return an "Info" Box

GTNPORTAL-700 saving a profile will not return you to the main user management page

Fix error of missing Edit Page item in admin toolbar after aborting edit page

GTNPORTAL-593 Don't update new membership in Select Permission form after create new membership

GTNPORTAL-611: Edit inline from a page of group navigation shows layout of dashboard

Correct the version number

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Use the portal owner as part of the portal session key to differentiate between multiple portals when accessing a portal application state (GTNPORTAL-650)

GTNPORTAL-748 : Default logging configuration for tomcat

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GTNPORTAL-708: fixed an encryption key lookup method to search in the common config. directory

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darn even better now...

actually better named this way

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