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fix build issue

GTNPORTAL-561: Remove useless code in HTML

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GTNPORTAL-528: Show message when can't send mail to user(update)

GTNPORTAL-528: Show a message when can't send a mail to user

GTNPORTAL-553 Correct the name of template file if having "-" sign included

GTNPORTAL-528: Show message when don't send mail to mail server

GTNPORTAL-559: Unkown error when add new membership in user and group management

GTNPORTAL-533: Use Register Portlet for new portal in public mode

GTNPORTAL-540: Fix errors in SiteMap portlet

GTNPORTAL-530 - Don't change language of user when edit language of user in User and Groups management

GTNPORTAL-547: Unknown error when delete page created in Manage Page

GTNPORTAL-398 Unknown error when change position of portlet in Edit layout of Dashboard

- move the serialization framework to the common module - remove a nasty system out println set by me previously

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- Forgot to commit this change.

GTNPORTAL-540: Create multiple UIPortal object within a session

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GTNPORTAL-424: Add ajaxRequest=true parameter for savePrefs action

GTNPORTAL-424: Update portlet and show a message when save a deleted gadget

GTNPORTAL-560: Create MultiValued filed

- Started implementing a dynamic form which elements are automatically created from a backing bean via reflection. Still needs work and testing.

- Deactivate localRegistration's actions so that there's no ambiguity as to which grid issued the event. - Display form to edit registration property value (not currently working). - Inject ExoContainerContext in ExoKernelIntegration.

begin edits Ch2 Development

first edit of CH1 Configuration complete

- make Component (config) immutable so it can be easily referenced during the serialization of UIComponent - make the template override for the components UIPortalNavigation, UIPortalNavigation2, UISiteMapPortlet, UIBreadcumbsPortlet at the component level - better serialize UIComponents - introduce ComponentMetaData that takes XML configuration and create immutable Component objects

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GTNPORTAL-556: Throw detailled IllegalStateException when a uicomponent does not have an assigned template at rendering time

GTNPORTAL-398 Unknown error when change position of portlet in Edit layout of Dashboard

GTNPORTAL-437: show message wrong when delete group in special case

move the repository-configuration.xml back to its former place as its not needed to be duplicated for now

GTNPORTAL-552 Problem with UIGrid in User and Management portlet in special case

integrate with cluster configuration for JCR

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further edits