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GTNPORTAL-3181: update the responsive skin to handle the page selector better and prevent it from overflowing from its modal.

GTNPORTAL-3180: Update the gatein_objects xsd to 1.5 to include the portal redirect options.

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GTNPORTAL-3174 js files refactoring

Update to Juzu 0.7.0-beta15

Extend PropertyConfigurator to simplify configuration in gatein

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GTNPORTAL-3176: Fixed NPE and added warning information about site not existing.

GTNPORTAL-3178: update so that disabled redirects are not displayed in the redirect portlets as options.

GTNPORTAL-3175 Newly created space not showing in the spaces list in redirect admin portlet

clean some code for cleaner

resolve duplicate dependence in portal ui

add json dependence for facebook login

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.6.1.Final

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Upgraded to WSRP 2.2.10.Final and gatein-naming 1.1.1.Final

add comment as exo template

edit Register controller

add temp for register portlet pass with oauth

ok register with oauth

change configuration to use system properties and add AuthenticationRegistryListener into web.xml

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GTNPORTAL-3173: Fixed the overlapping, plus the fact that when saving the first, the no redirects message was still shown.

GTNPORTAL-3177: fix the portal edit handler when on small screened devices.

Merging data import test pull request

GTNPORTAL-3169: Fixing for spaces and clarifying syntax

GTNPORTAL-3161 Minor fixes for 508

GTNPORTAL-3145 Add possibility to specify extensions folder from a configuration property

GTNPORTAL-3169: Fixed "show/more" link. Fixed number of sites to activate and shown. Enhanced so that selected site is never hidden.

GTNPORTAL-3168 Perf improvements in RedirectPortlet and RedirectRequestHandler

GTNPORTAL-3167: Calling JS method for disabling inputs which should not be submitted, causing JSF to submit empty values.

GTNPORTAL-3165: fix minor css spacing issue

GTNPORTAL-3164: Fix condition edit rollback on "Cancel" button click.