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GTNPORTAL-3380 Upgrade twitter4j to fix error during login with Twitter

GTNPORTAL-3379 - Added a Clear Search button to some search pages

On some search pages, there's no way to get back to the initial state of the listing without changing pages. From a user experience perspective, this is not desirable. This commit introduces a new icon at the right side of the magnifying glass (ie: search) to clear the search restrictions, effectively returning the data table to the initial state.

GTNPORTAL-3378 - Wrapped the cache control code into a null check

GTNPORTAL-3377: Change Move* permission on UI doesn't take effect immediately

GTNPORTAL-3376: Improve code and label for Permission setting UI

GTNPORTAL-3369 Add Public Render Parameter support at URL level

Fix minor bug

[Edit inplace] implement ui for page-permission management

GTNPORTAL-3374 Submenu is displayed off the screen in right to left mode

GTNPORTAL-3374 Submenu is displayed off the screen in right to left mode

Improve a bit migration script manual

GTNPORTAL-3372 Sometimes I am seeing 'disabled' user even if 'Show disabled' is unchecked

GTNPORTAL-3351: Change warning message to debug when userProfile is null

GTNPORTAL-3370 - Added feature to restrict access to a node when outside publishing window

Added a new feature, to restrict access to a node if it's not inside of the publishing window.

This feature consists of:

* A new property (mixin) for the Node

* A new checkbox on the UI, close to the "publishing date" set of fields

* A new check on the UIPageActionListener, that displays the home page, should access to the node be restricted. This is so that the page has the same effect as of a "non existing node".

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GTNPORTAL-3364 Implement UI part for Restricted layout setting

GTNPORTAL-3361 - Added URLEncoding to avoid possible attacks on the header

GTNPORTAL-3361 - Added URLEncoding to avoid possible attacks on the header

GTNPORTAL-3365 Exception swallow in UserDaoImpl.persistUserInfo()

GTNPORTAL-3366: [IE8, IE9] Can not rename Dashboard tab if name contains accent chars

Fix description:

- Encode current name before invoking rename action

GTNPORTAL-3367: Cannot login as user whose password contains accent character

Fix description

- Encode request as UTF-8

Require jquery for sitemap.js

Update testcase for portal.arquillian

GTNPORTAL-3362 Add examples for Inter Portlet Communication

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Update portal.web testcase

edit default oauth url to localhost

Fixbug: google-oauth link successful but not displayed in UI

add config for UserProfilePortlet to portlet.xml in portal/packaging

Upgrade httpcomponents to 4.3.1 for htmlunit 2.13

GTNPORTAL-3363 - Added INFO logging when loading of gadget is blocked

When a gadget has content that is remote to the server and is not white-listed (or is blacklisted), provide a INFO-level log about it, instead of just silently failing.

GTNPORTAL-3361 Moved the setting of the cache-control header to before the processRequest