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GTNPORTAL-2390 The gadget portlet should auto-adjust vertically

GTNPORTAL-2272 Portlet windows doesn't appear in some cases

GTNPORTAL-2271 UIFormInputWithAction render children regardless of is rendered or not

GTNPORTAL-2269: only allow initial URI login redirects to locations on the same server.

GTNPORTAL-2270 Upgrade Chromattic 1.1.1

GTNPORTAL-1213 A small bug fix and fix up the order configuration for core JS modules to ensure they will be loaded first

GTNPORTAL-1213 Need to provide a way to add customer javascript for each site

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GTNPORTAL-2166 Edit page icons are not aligned

- Started updating WSRP documentation. - Updated WSRP version entity.

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- GTNPORTAL-2268: allow configuration files to be put in $gatein.conf.dir for greater user friendliness.

GTNPORTAL-2257 Upgrade SPNEGO integration documentation

GTNPORTAL-2265 Use options in SSOLoginModule example in gatein-jboss-beans.xml

GTNPORTAL-2264 Upgrade SSO documentation for SSO 1.1.0-GA

GTNPORTAL-2263 - Upgrade shindig, MOP and PLIDM dependencies to GA

GTNPORTAL-1990 NPE if an ApplicationCategory doesn't have a display name

GTNPORTAL-1927 Menu items for navigation nodes which don't lead to any page shouldn't be clickable

GTNPORTAL-2249 Exception when opening Application Registry portlet

GTNPORTAL-2261 Exception when add over 10 user into group

GTNPORTAL-1897 Icons for deleting application look like disabled - IE8

GTNPORTAL-2262 Exception when viewing Application registry portlet in view mode

GTNPORTAL-2261 Exception when add over 10 user into group

GTNPORTAL-2260 Validators are different in User Register screens

GTNPORTAL-2145 Some first name and last name parameters are reversed in Japanese message bundle of UserInfoPortlet

- GTNPORTAL-2258: added default values to workspaces.

GTNPORTAL-1976 Invalid groupsites created in JCR with clean DB

- Upgraded to WSRP 2.1.0-GA.

- GTNPORTAL-2253: added test case, this seems to be working as expected.

- Use proper name for the WSRP extension.

GTNPORTAL-2256 Popup's resize button is always shown even if the popup is not resizable

GTNPORTAL-2250 Sites Management porlet flickers when editing node's