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GTNPORTAL-2499 Configure to avoid using proxy for serving static resources of gadget

GTNPORTAL-2497 Support to override properties configuration of shindig gadget server

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Add keypress support for DragDrop2

update pom version after release

Use JQuery in UIDropDownControl.js

Use JQuery in UIPopupSelectCategory.js

Use JQuery in UIHorizontalTabs.js

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.2.0-CR01

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Filter out chromattic.testgenerator.jar and update docs version

GTNPORTAL-2347: the resource id is sometimes set as a request parameter by the portal (see ExoPortletInvocationContext). We need to also check this location to retrieve the resource id for a portlet invocation.

GTNPC-78: Change the way we handle resources so that we don't use ContentResponse.getContent which doesn't handle string encoding properly.

GTNWCI-32: update WCI version to fix NPE issue during shutdown of GateIn

GTNPORTAL-2278 Enable customization of LocaleConfig service by extending existing implementations

- GTNWSRP-268: re-applied patch from mposolda.

- Updated WCI, PC, MOP, Chromattic and WSRP versions.

convert all locales to use script localization

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Small bug fixes of missing javascript in anonymous mode

Use DragDrop2 for PortalDragDrop.js

GTNPORTAL-2346 Integrate testcases for Gadget Server

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GTNPORTAL-2154 Support for JBoss AS7 - updated README.txt

GTNPORTAL-2154 Support for JBoss AS7 - upgraded supported version to JBoss AS 7.1.0.CR1b - implemented jboss-as download via maven dependency - fixed wci version

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- JBEPP-331: allow absolute URLs and improved URL validation. Needs thorough testing!

- GTNPORTAL-1730: Fixed portlet.xml element ordering.

GTNPORTAL-2343: Update gatein-management to 1.0.1-GA

- Reverted changes from GTNWSRP-268 until a new WSRP version is released.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Added documentation.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Renamed UserConfigurableUsernameValidator to UserConfigurableValidator since it makes more sense.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Made UserConfigurableUsernameValidator more generic so that it can load any number of named configurations from gatein.conf.dir/ A validation is activated by creating a validator with the associated name. Documentation upcoming.

GTNPORTAL-2342: Unicode characters encoding error - Set the Character Encoding to UTF-8 before the Request parameters are retrieved