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GTNPORTAL-560: Create MultiValued filed

- Started implementing a dynamic form which elements are automatically created from a backing bean via reflection. Still needs work and testing.

- Deactivate localRegistration's actions so that there's no ambiguity as to which grid issued the event. - Display form to edit registration property value (not currently working). - Inject ExoContainerContext in ExoKernelIntegration.

begin edits Ch2 Development

first edit of CH1 Configuration complete

- make Component (config) immutable so it can be easily referenced during the serialization of UIComponent - make the template override for the components UIPortalNavigation, UIPortalNavigation2, UISiteMapPortlet, UIBreadcumbsPortlet at the component level - better serialize UIComponents - introduce ComponentMetaData that takes XML configuration and create immutable Component objects

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GTNPORTAL-556: Throw detailled IllegalStateException when a uicomponent does not have an assigned template at rendering time

GTNPORTAL-398 Unknown error when change position of portlet in Edit layout of Dashboard

GTNPORTAL-437: show message wrong when delete group in special case

move the repository-configuration.xml back to its former place as its not needed to be duplicated for now

GTNPORTAL-552 Problem with UIGrid in User and Management portlet in special case

integrate with cluster configuration for JCR

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further edits

GTNPORTAL-423 NPE when delete tab of Dashboard in special case

GTNPORTAL-423 NPE when delete tab of Dashboard in special case

GTNPORTAL-446: Have problem when delete page in Manage pages in special case

InitialContextInitializer2 that will not override an existing (AS deployed) datasource.

actually removing commented out C3P0 config

factor out dialects in configuration properties

actually rename to

- factor configuration of JNDI name of data source in properties file - use java: namespace for datasource name in JBoss AS

simplifying configuration

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forgot to add those files

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GTNPORTAL-550 : JCR 1.12.0-Beta06 integration

GTNPORTAL-509: Selenium Sniff test * Third Update * Fix HTML encoding issue in some parameters * All script reviewed, some selenium tooling is required for some tests Please have a look in GateIn_v3.0_SniffTests.ods for details Test_All : Tests run: 33, Failures: 4, Errors: 5, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 1,181.484 sec

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more replication work

- Revert change that wasn't meant to be committed.

- UIRegistrationPropertiesGrid now records associated registration properties. - Overriden getName in UIRegistrationPropertiesGrid to return id so that label can be properly displayed in UIForm.gtmpl. - Started adding support for setting registration properties value but can't figure out a way to make it work with the event system as events don't recall what element they originated from. - Removed more UIWsrpProducerOverview as it wasn't needed. - More localization. - Added ValueRenderer.render(V, WebuiBindingContext) so that values can be resolved from a resource bundle if needed. - Added ValueRenderer for RegistrationProperty.Status. - Added Cancel actions on popups.

fixing something that seems a partial copy/paste

activate most part of cluster config based on the cluster profile in order to simplify configuration

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