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GTNPORTAL-808: Adding new membership with same name than existing one does not trigger "already exists" warnings

Check show site editor menu with "Test_POR_14_043.html"

GTNPORTAL-752: Create Maven project for a simple deployable GateIn skin

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GTNPORTAL-789: Translate somethings to Vietnamese

Image editing

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Image editing

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new italian updates. See GTNPORTAL-816

fixing failing unit test that I made fail in previous commits

improving getAllPortalNames() performances

Check to make sure we don't add an empty (ie just the prefix) navigation parameter to the url.

If we encounter a ClientAbortException during the handling of the portlet markup header processing, then we should ignore this error as it specifies that the client browser has prematurely closed the conneciton (GTNPORTAL-814). Add missing error handling in OutputStream printer.

- Enable PLIDM API caching - PLIDM update - some xml clenaup

actually use an explicit size for the template service cache config

- Changed SLASH_REPLACEMENT constant value so that it's not as ambiguous.

need to add the ResourceBundleManager at the right place (that used to be in a jar)

- fix resource bundle unit test that were having issues with cache configuration

- GTNPORTAL-737: + JCRPortletStatePersistenceManager was not using the specially defined workspace. + JCRPortletStatePersistenceManager was not properly persisting updates to states. + Added a new SessionLifeCycle implementation as it is currently not possible to pass the workspace name at runtime to the SessionLifeCycle implementation used by Chromattic.

GTNPORTAL-779: An enhancement in navigation node management

null means null

temporarily disable resource unit tests

better cache confriguration

Change the value back to REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_OWN_DIRECTORY.

REL-433 : Global Test status

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GTNPORTAL-695: Document what is $GATEIN_SSO in the SSO chapter

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- GTNPORTAL-797: Can not add gadget to category in Applicaton REgistry - GTNPORTAL-579: Fix width for UIUpload in Linux base OS

GTNPORTAL-800: Error UI in Portal Template when create new portal

- GTNPORTAL-439: In ApplicationRegistry, remove 'Copy to local gadget' button

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- GTNPORTAL-564: Can't delete group or memebershipType which was edited

GTNPORTAL-801 fix a small mistake in the code

REL-433 : Make POR_20_013 Test case comply with Best practices