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- Do not process public navigational state if there is none.

handle case were initialURI is null in portal login controller

GTNPORTAL-721: Luc's review is finished, hand over to ScottM

GTNPORTAL-791: Action in webui based portlets does not work correctly after editing layout

GTNPORTAL-707 : Cannot save portlet preference with null value

Move the webui based samples to better place

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GTNPORTAL-626: Temporarily remove the noCache and Debug checkboxes from gadget preference

- GTNPORTAL-786: Apply to save function of PageCreationWizard \n - Remove unnecessary PageCreateDescription

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Add samples to show usage of WebUI based components

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GTNPORTAL-781: Edit Inline does not take effect on UI in special case

- GTNPORTAL-135: Cannot use Enter key in UILoginForm on Safari or Chrome

- GTNPORTAL-786: Error after edit page

Use the page title in the <title> tag of the browser instead of the navigation label

Actually better use finest level with gatein logging in unit tests for chromattic

GTNPORTAL-770: Enable JBoss Cache on the MOPSessionManager Formatting issue when merged

chromattic logging debug level in tomcat

chromattic logging debug level

use the window id of the portlet to scope applicaton state in the portal session

Fixed copyright info in fr and en

- GTNPORTAL-701:Re-commit to fix rendering of portal when editting

Updated screenshots

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GTNPORTAL-509 Selenium tests, fix Java5 api compatibility in generator, to avoid animal sniffer detection to fail the whole build

Set the transformer for the markupheaders to output html instead of xml. This will fix an issue that arose with the script element self closing (GTNPORTAL-764). Note that this will create html, and not xhtml, which will need to be fixed.

- properly scope the data in the pom manager cache - improved the new portal config listener - log system properties with debug level in unit test

Pass cookies set in a portlet off to the portal (GTNPORTAL-763).

- Renamed configuration file to conform to new module name.

- Fixed MappedMap.initFrom method as it should remove any previous value apart from the blacklisted ones. - Added and activated test case.

- Add to parent then init, otherwise we get an exception.

- Minor code improvement.

- Minor.