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GTNPORTAL-3192 Private redirection does not work with public page

GTNPORTAL-3191 Fixing moving icons

GTNPORTAL-3188 Allow PortalSetupService to work in multiple portal containers

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GTNPORTAL-3190: Adding eventsQueue so that AJAX calls are queued and do not conflict.

GTNPORTAL-3166 Support portal-redirect data for export/import

GTNPORTAL-3187: Upgraded WSRP to 2.2.11.Final and PC to 2.4.2.Final

GTNPORTAL-3186 Lack of I18N key for title of permission selector popup

GTNPORTAL-3186 Lack of I18N key for title of permission selector popup

GTNPORTAL-3185: Disabling RF Bootstrap so we can safely use our own. Also fixing issue with export space dropdown.

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GTNPORTAL-3172 adding RTL support

GTNPORTAL-3172 Configuration and URL fixes

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GTNPORTAL-3182 Maximization of windows should work even when multiple of them are subsequently maximized using AJAX call

merge when rebase with extend configuration commit

edit for test

refact and clean code

GTNPORTAL-3181: update the responsive skin to handle the page selector better and prevent it from overflowing from its modal.

GTNPORTAL-3180: Update the gatein_objects xsd to 1.5 to include the portal redirect options.

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GTNPORTAL-3174 js files refactoring

Update to Juzu 0.7.0-beta15

Extend PropertyConfigurator to simplify configuration in gatein

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GTNPORTAL-3176: Fixed NPE and added warning information about site not existing.

GTNPORTAL-3178: update so that disabled redirects are not displayed in the redirect portlets as options.

GTNPORTAL-3175 Newly created space not showing in the spaces list in redirect admin portlet

clean some code for cleaner

resolve duplicate dependence in portal ui

add json dependence for facebook login

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.6.1.Final

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Upgraded to WSRP 2.2.10.Final and gatein-naming 1.1.1.Final

add comment as exo template