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GTNPORTAL-695: Document what is $GATEIN_SSO in the SSO chapter

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- GTNPORTAL-797: Can not add gadget to category in Applicaton REgistry - GTNPORTAL-579: Fix width for UIUpload in Linux base OS

GTNPORTAL-800: Error UI in Portal Template when create new portal

- GTNPORTAL-439: In ApplicationRegistry, remove 'Copy to local gadget' button

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- GTNPORTAL-564: Can't delete group or memebershipType which was edited

GTNPORTAL-801 fix a small mistake in the code

REL-433 : Make POR_20_013 Test case comply with Best practices

REL-433 : Stabilize Test_SNF_PRL_25

GTNPORTAL-776: Create new test for "POR_20_013"

GTNPORTAL-521: Lost border of Gadget in Dashboard page when show maximize

- GTNPORTAL-516: Lose resource bundle in menu item of UserToolBarGroupPortlet when change language to Arabic

Work on image rendering

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Work on image rendering

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GTNPORTAL-739: BugJS: Error displaying when click on any portlet on switch view mode

GTNPORTAL-652 Increase the timeout of the http fetcher in shindig server

GTNPORTAL-741 : modify waitfor on 4 test cases for improving speed & stability

- GTNPORTAL-493 Problem when searching with Organization portet (first/last name,email)

Oups committed testing stuff (GTNPORTAL-770)

GTNPORTAL-770: Enable JBoss Cache on the MOPSessionManager Was defaulting to the default cache...

- actually now makes initialURI more useable than what it used to be - minor improvement

- Reformat.

GTNPORTAL-795: Remove usage of "hibernate.cglib.use_reflection_optimizer"

- Do not process public navigational state if there is none.

handle case were initialURI is null in portal login controller

GTNPORTAL-721: Luc's review is finished, hand over to ScottM

GTNPORTAL-791: Action in webui based portlets does not work correctly after editing layout

GTNPORTAL-707 : Cannot save portlet preference with null value

Move the webui based samples to better place

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GTNPORTAL-626: Temporarily remove the noCache and Debug checkboxes from gadget preference

- GTNPORTAL-786: Apply to save function of PageCreationWizard \n - Remove unnecessary PageCreateDescription

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